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This analysis examines the historical and forecast performance for Sanofi-Aventis in the pharmaceutical sector. The profile encompasses global company strategy, portfolio and pipeline analysis and assessment of financial performance, with 1-6 year sales forecasts for key drugs. An interactive forecasting and analysis tool provides continually updated quantitative and qualitative information.

Reasons to Purchase

Benchmark Sanofi-Aventis’s performance against key rivals in the prescription pharmaceutical sector
Assess the impact of generic competition for Sanofi-Aventis’s key blockbuster products, including Plavix, Lovenox, Eloxatine and Taxotere
Gain insight into Sanofi-Aventis’s diversification strategy to increase focus on generics, animal health and OTC, while maximizing RoW expansion
About the PharmaVitae team 2
Chapter 1 About this profile 3
PharmaVitae Explorer database 3
Chapter structure 3
Executive summary 3
Quarterly update 3
Company introduction 3
Company sales 4
Company financials 4
Key products 4
Data sourcing 4
Sales data 4
Analyst consensus 4
Chapter 2 Executive summary 5
Key findings 5
Prescription pharmaceutical sales and growth rate performance, 2003-15 6
Financial performance, 2003-15 7
Sanofi-Aventis: PharmaVitae forecasts at a glance 8
Strategic insight 9
Diversification is priority for new CEO 9
M&A a key tool to achieve diversification targets 9
Sanofi Pasteur is central to diversified business model 11
Increasing RoW presence is at heart of diversification strategy 12
Parallel diversification occurring across Big Pharma peer set 12
Diversification will struggle to address near-term impact of generic exposure 13
SWOT analysis 14
Strengths 14
Weaknesses 16
Opportunities 16
Threats 18
Table of Contents 20
Table of figures 22
Chapter 3 Quarterly update 23
Latest quarterly sales 23
Latest comment 24
Q1 2010 24
Sanofi-Aventis: Jevtana positioned to help offset Taxotere decline 24
Q4 2009 25
Sanofi-Aventis: CNS franchise takes a knock 25
Sanofi-Aventis: near-term benign prostatic hyperplasia prospects look bleak 25
EASD 2009: Lantus defended amid allegations of increased cancer risk 26
Q3 2009 28
Q2 2009 28
Sanofi-Aventis: Kendrick acquisition expands emerging market presence 28
Latest prescription pharma product news 29
Q1 2010 29
Q4 2009 30
Q3 2009 30
Q2 2009 32
Latest corporate news 34
Q1 2010 34
Q4 2009 35
Q3 2009 35
Q2 2009 36
Future product milestones 37
Chapter 4 Company introduction 39
Key findings 39
M&A history 40
Sanofi-Synthélabo: established in 1999 40
Aventis: result of Hoechst and Rhone-Poulenc merger 41
Sanofi-Aventis: merged in 2004 41
Subsequent M&A promotes diversified business model 41
M&A strategy 43
a) Dilution of exposure to patent expiry risk across blockbuster portfolio 43
b) Establish a diversified business model 43
c) Creation of industry-leading player in the global thrombosis market 43
d) Expansion of geographic presence 44
Current corporate structure 45
Chapter 5 Company sales 47
Key findings 47
Prescription pharmaceutical sales and growth rate analysis, 2003-15 48
Product analysis 50
Product analysis, 2003-09 51
Product analysis, 2009-15 54
Therapy area analysis 60
Geographic analysis 63
Launch/core/expiry analysis 65
Explanation of launch/core/expiry analysis 65
Launch analysis, 2009-15 66
Core analysis, 2009-15 69
Expiry analysis, 2009-15 70
Generics analysis, 2009-15 73
Launch/core/expiry configuration, 2009-15 74
Molecule type analysis 75
Externalization analysis 77
Chapter 6 Company financials 79
Key findings 79
Reconciliation between PharmaVitae-formatted prescription pharma sales and company-reported total sales, 2003-09 80
Operating costs and profit analysis 81
Operating costs and profit analysis, 2003-09 82
Operating cost ratio and profit margin analysis, 2003-09 83
Operating cost ratio and profit margin analysis, 2009-15 84
Operating costs and profit analysis, 2009-15 85
Chapter 7 Key products 87
Key findings 87
Overview 88
Lantus 89
Overview 89
Sales forecast 90
Lantus uptake encouraged via introduction of competitive administrative devices 90
Link to increased cancer risk casts doubt on future revenue growth 90
Biosimilars pose longer-term threat to revenue 91
Vaccines 92
Overview 92
Sales forecast 93
Vaccines segment divided into five sub-sections 94
Investment in emerging markets to drive revenue expansion 94
Acambis acquisition completed in 2008 94
aflibercept 96
Summary 96
Sales forecast 97
Studies in pancreatic cancer and ovarian cancer discontinued 97
Fierce competition with Avastin in the wider cancer market 97
Aflibercept demonstrates similar side effects to Avastin 98
Presence in oncology field will aid commercialization of aflibercept 98
Lack of prostate cancer-specific clinical trial data 98
The aflibercept/Taxotere combination will have to show a favorable toxicity profile in NSCLC 98
Lack of clinical data makes it difficult to judge aflibercept’s clinical efficacy in prostate cancer 99
Lovenox 100
Overview 100
Sales forecast 101
Indication broadening drives revenue growth 101
Sandoz/Momenta’s m-enoxaparin likely to launch in 2010 102
Branded competitors also an increasing risk 102
AVE5026 to sustain market position 103
Plavix 104
Overview 104
Sales forecast 105
Sanofi-Aventis holds rights for ex-US markets 105
EU generic launch to impact 5EU and RoW revenue over 2009-15 106
FDA warning issued in 2009: Plavix use with PPIs is discouraged 106
Aprovel/CoAprovel 107
Summary 107
Sales forecast 108
Taxotere 109
Overview 109
Sales forecast 110
Generic competition to impact from 2010 110
Robust position in breast cancer market 110
More competition in NSCLC market 110
Rapid uptake in prostate cancer market 111
Also approved in gastric cancer 111
Most recent approval in head and neck cancer 111
Future revenue growth outlook 112
Eloxatine 113
Overview 113
Sales forecast 114
Sales to decline following generic competition 114
Chapter 8 Appendix 116
References 116
Abbreviations 116
Exchange rates 117
About Datamonitor 118
About Datamonitor Healthcare 118
Datamonitor consulting 118
Disclaimer 120


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