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Photographs form a person’s identity and are required by a number of organizations for identification. However, particular requirements for the size, setting, and format of a photograph differ in every organization. It is important to keep in mind the particular conditions rather than face rejection and uncomfortable situations. Getting the size of the Passport Photos or Passport Photographs right is one such area.

A passport is one of the most vital documents of somebody’s identity. It is a solid proof of one’s identity as an individual and a citizen of a country. Considering its importance, guidelines are very strictly followed. These guidelines if complied will allow facial recognition scanning machine to obtain proper measurements. Hence, passport size photos are a major element in your passport.

Passport photographs must be of an accurate face size, dimension of the photo and proper exposure to gain approval. Not all passport photos meet the requirements and end up being rejected. Make sure you do not face such a dilemma as it is quite easy to resize photos on your own. What’s more! You can not only resize but also order prints online after having paid a nominal fee. What you get in return is a perfect passport size photo. All this has now been made possible by the online company ‘Yearbook and Passport’ – the first and only website of its kind. You can be fully assured of the quality of its services as the process is International Organization of Standardization (ISO) compliant.

The process of resizing a photograph can be effortlessly completed using the patented ‘photo resizer’ of Yearbook and Passport. Following the online guidelines, just take a photograph and upload it on the site. Using the various editing tools, changes can be made to the background to match the ‘sample guide’. It is also possible to reposition the subject, erase traces of shadows and resize the image as per standards. Once the photo is resized, you can pay and order the prints of passport photos online.

About Yearbook and Passport: Yearbook and Passport is the first and the only ISO-compliant online company. Patented with its technology, it caters to customers globally giving them the privilege of resizing their passport photos and ordering prints online at ease. Not only you save time, money and energy but also getting a picture perfect passport photo.

Regulations for Passport photos are very strict. A minor variation can cause rejection leaving you with a new round of application. Yearbook and Passport helps you avoid such embarrassing and irritating situations by giving each one the ease of creating perfect-sized photographs. With the help of an online guide design by experts in the field of photography and computer engineering, the task becomes very easy for everyone.

In addition, you also find guidelines to edit photographs meant for inclusion in yearbooks as per school norms. Need free resize photo for your own personal use? Yearbook and Passport have a unique section called “Scrap Fotos”. Not only it will allow you to resize your but also adding elements, text, and more – try it now, it is free.

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