Santa Monica Attorney of the Year Honor Follows Dedication

Michael Ehline ponders his new award.

Attorney Michael Ehline of Los Angeles is no stranger to awards ceremonies. Last year he was given the 2015 Litigator Award by the Trial Lawyers Board of Regents. His Santa Monica injury firm, Ehline Law, is among the highest ranked in satisfaction and reliability.

Still, that wasn’t the reason to celebrate for Ehline. He made a simple pledge when he entered the law field– give the most that he could to victims of circumstances out of their control. In that, he and his team kept that promise.

“There’s this idea of an attorney driving to work in his BMW and living in a large house somewhere,”

Ehline said. “The truest sign of becoming a grizzled veteran of trial law is how you let yourself serve others. His firm has donated dozens of hours to various community groups and was one of the major sponsors of the Carlsbad MADD walk. He helps Marines and vets with work and educational goals. He regularly gives his cell out to all clients.

“Getting a 3 am phone call is never easy,” he said. “But people need to be heard. They wouldn’t call unless it was vital.”

The Award and the Awardee.

It should come as little surprise that Ehline won Hollywood Weekly’s award as the 2016 attorney of the year. The event at Dick Clark Productions Screening Room in Santa Monica brought together many of the shining stars of Southern California and beyond.

“It was a great honor,” Ehline said, “Thank you to everyone that helped me get here.”

Ehline added that there is always work to be done. As a result, this award is just a symbol of the hard work that his team has given for years. However, there is always a night to revel in the atmosphere.

Sharply dressed in a black tuxedo, Ehline looked the part. This wasn’t a criterion for the award, though. Being accessible and aiding many of the most vulnerable citizens of Los Angeles gains notoriety.

As a result of fighting many battles against state government overreach and corporate irresponsibility, Michael Ehline was the guest of honor.