“Second Amendment” Protects Man Who Innocently Shot His Neighbor, Attorney Says

"Second Amendment" Protects Man Who Innocently Shot His Neighbor, Attorney Says

Who said lawyers were not inventive when it comes to protecting the “rights” of their clients – even if it involves shooting a neighbor’s girl?

Florida man Harold Lanham accidently shot the 14-year-old girl when using his backyard shooting range, as you do.

The girl said she heard the gunshots and tried to move her mother away from a sliding door when a bullet shattered the glass and struck her hand.

Lanham’s attorney said he feels bad that the teen was injured, but he said gunfire on private property was protected under both the Second Amendment and Florida law.

“There’s no doubt this was a tragedy,” said attorney Mike Chionopolous. “But I’m sorry, sometimes accidents happen, and that doesn’t mean somebody’s committed a crime simply because there’s a tragic outcome.”

The wounded teen said she understands the law, but she said anyone who wants to set up a shooting range in their yard should take all necessary precautions to prevent neighbors and passersby from being shot.

Florida authorities in many communities have been unable to stop residents from setting up shooting ranges in their front or back yards because Florida law prohibits local governments from restricting gun rights in any way.




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