Self Tanner Helps Get Sun-Kissed Skin Without The Sun

Self tanner products are a range of products that help you achieve a tan similar to a sun tan without you having to endure the sun’s harmful rays. You do not even have to visit tanning salons and can get results in the comfort of your home.

The tanned look is becoming a preferred skin tone for numerous people. But we all know that tanning under the sun exposes us to the sun’s harmful rays. In order to achieve this tanned look, a wide range of self tanning products have been made available. Their numerous advantages make them a preferred choice.

One of the greatest plus points of these products is that they protect you from cancer causing factors. Research organizations have also termed tanning beds and lamps as carcinogenic.

If you do not have to visit any salon, you save on the service charges. This makes the self tanning process far cheaper than getting it done by any professional.

However, doing it you do not mean that you cannot get the desired results. Tanning at home is as effective as that done in a salon. Only, be sure to read the instructions carefully before embarking on your mission. If the process is done keeping all the instructions in mind, you will love the sun kissed skin you achieve and it will be at a far more reasonable rate.

Just as you can carry out the process all by yourself from home, you can also purchase the tanning products from home. All you need to do is visit the company’s website, select the products of your choice, and pay online. Your entire selection will be delivered to you doorstep. One of the most popular companies making these products is Sun Laboratories.

Tanning products are available in the form of lotions and foams. Products are available in a normal pack as well as with roll on applicators. There are specific products for daytime and night use. The scrubs and moisturizers give a wonderful glow to your skin and also help maintain the tanned look. When going out on a short visit, carry along the kit that contains all tanning and skin care products.

Get your desired skin tone in the safest ways possible and at your convenience.

About Sun Laboratories: Sun Laboratories was set up in the year 1983 under the name of Giesee. Gisela Hunter set up the company with the thought of producing products that could give a tan similar to that achieved through basking in the sun but in a safe manner.

No sooner were the self tanning products launched, the response was phenomenal. Since then it was no looking back. Today Giesee has become Sun Laboratories and the range of tanning products are widely used by countless people.

The company is the proud owner of its laboratories in Chatsworth, CA, where products are formulated, produced, and bottled. From here they are sourced to different corners of the world helping people achieve a sunless tan.

To know more about the self tanner range of Sun Laboratories visit You can also order your products online.


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