How An Entertainment Attorney Wound Up In A Sex Slave Lawsuit

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There’s a lot of ‘different’ law practised in Hollywood you might think, but for one entertainment attorney a claim that an actress attempted to have her as a sex slave is a lawsuit too far.

Attorneys representing the law firm Stone, Meyer, Genow, Smelkinson & Binder LLP won a Court round this week when the LA Superior Court Judge ruled that the actress would need to take her case to an arbitrator rather than a jury.

However the defense was also ordered to pay the entire costs in the process.

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Westside Today reports that the ruling also applies to the attorney, Neil Ettin Meyer, whose counsel joined in the firm’s motion.

The plaintiff’s attorney, Jeffrey Lipow, maintained the retainer agreement and arbitration clause did not apply to such disputes.

The plaintiff, referred to in the complaint as Jane Doe, sued Meyer and the firm on April 10. She alleged Meyer — whose clients have included Halle Berry and Nicollette Sheridan — forced her to perform sexual acts for about four years under the threat of using his sway to sabotage her career if she did not go along with him.

The suit also alleged the firm either knew — or should have known — about Meyer’s conduct.

The complaint states that the woman’s relationship with Meyer began around 2002, about five years after the former teen beauty queen moved to California to pursue an acting career. She says she hired Meyer as counsel at the recommendation of her manager at the time, who said she should hire an attorney given that she had obtained her first film role.

Meyer told her she needed to take on more sexual roles and said he could teach her how to be more provocative in that regard to help her career, the suit alleges. She claims he sent her emails and text messages, some stating his wish to have sex with her as well as nude pictures of himself.

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