Six Marketing Mistakes Law Marketers Cannot Afford To Make


Most people still picture an authoritative individual pointing directly at the camera when they think of legal marketing, but the truth is that the internet and social media have upended the traditional client path. With this in mind, Legal Marketing Advantage has put together six marketing mistakes that all law firms should strive to avoid in the internet age.

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The internet has changed the game when it comes to legal marketing. Now, in addition to a presence in the phone book, on television, or plastered in billboards across the city and the state, law firms have to develop a web presence that arguably takes up as much resources as those aforementioned platforms combined.

Such an endeavor is certainly worth the effort. Law firms taking the time to invest in a dedicated website, a variety of social media accounts, and various PPC and legal SEO strategies stand to make large gains in their industry.

Corey Burke, President of Legal Marketing Advantage, has witnessed the benefits that arise when a law firm establishes an internet beachhead. But he’s also been able to see firsthand where many law firms are led astray from online best practices.

“In today’s ever-changing world of online marketing,” said Mr. Burke from Los Angeles, “some really simple tweaks to a law firm’s website can help it outperform the competition without investing a lot of money.”

To help lawyers get the most bang for their buck when it comes to their online marketing, Legal Marketing Advantage has put together a list of web mistakes that should be avoided at all costs by lawyers.

1. “Flash”ing The Audience– Flash has fallen out of favor with most webmasters and marketers in general. The reason is twofold: most mobile and tablet devices don’t run it, so a website technically appears “broken” when a potential mobile client attempts to visit. Secondly, there are inherent SEO issues with the program that can undermine search engine ranking potential.

2. Over-Reliance On Calls to Action– Not every piece of content created needs an addendum along the lines of “If you’ve been injured, call our office today!” While this type of writing is acceptable for landing pages and Pay Per Click ads, it comes across as shameless self-promotion if it appears on a blog or in social media posts. Speaking of…

3. Not Utilizing Social Media– Law firms don’t have to explore every social outlet out there, but not bothering to invest in an account on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn undercuts efforts to raise awareness. Connecting with other legal professionals, clients, and those interested in a given practice area allows a law firm to stay on the pulse of the news and showcase their own knowledge at the same time. Firms can start by signing up for a LinkedIn account.

4. Getting The Lead Out– A website isn’t worth much if a law firm has no way to generate leads. Consultation forms should be readily available to anyone interested in legal representation. Attorneys must also strive to offer content of real value to clients, who will see such material as a demonstration of good faith and legal acumen.

5. No Contact– It shouldn’t be difficult for a client to get in touch with a law firm through whatever means they prefer. A phone number should be displayed at the top of every page, and a client should have no trouble finding a valid email, office address, consultation form, or even a means to connect on social media platforms.

5. Going Below The Fold– The more scrolling and searching a visitor has to do to find what they need, the worse the chances are of acquiring that person as a client. Relevant links, contact information, and even a consultation form should be readily available above the fold the moment a possible client visits the site.

“If a website is making any (let alone many) of these common mistakes,” said Mr. Burke, “they’re leaving money on the table with a website that isn’t bringing in as much business as it could. Most of these mistakes would only take a few minutes to correct and law firms would notice the difference almost immediately.”

Legal Marketing Advantage, one of the fastest growing internet marketing tech companies in North America, offers a diverse array of search marketing solutions to satisfy the needs and budgets of law firms across the country. Utilizing state of the art technology and innovative strategy, the company helps attorneys and law firms grow their business and reach their full potential. LMA develops customized internet marketing solutions that empower legal professionals with a simple and affordable way to attract qualified prospects who can then become clients.

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