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This new blog from, a small business and entrepreneurial resource website, is great news for vendors who are mostly small business owners. The blog also provides vendors small business tips to become successful. According to market analysts, the number of small and medium sized businesses has grown exponentially in recent times, and a major reason for this growth is fast spreading Internet technology. Another reason cited for this growth is economic recession. Many people who lost their jobs during this time are opting to start their own small businesses. Trying to find a job in a market where there are almost no jobs available is an option these people are striking out completely.

Today, most small businesses are present online and want to market themselves aggressively to attract more customers. Even those small businesses, who do not have a formal presence on the Internet, are utilizing various online resources to market their services. The blog aims to help all these businesses by providing essential business tips and marketing tips.

Updates featuring on the blog give information about changes in the market place besides small business tips. Small enterprises can use this information and tips to adjust better in the market and make their businesses more relevant to customers and their needs. This information becomes a critical aid, as markets evolve and become more competitive. Small business tips are immensely helping vendors stand out amid their competition. As a result of this recognition, they are able to attract more leads by addressing customer concerns in a better manner.

Many small businesses are one-person operations, and in such cases, the entrepreneur needs to be extremely well organized. Naturally, the person must seek every opportunity for self improvement. The blog provides useful tips in this regard as well.

Subjects that have been covered in the blog are extremely relevant and varied. Some of the subjects include pay per click strategies for beginners, avoiding the 5 most common customer service mistakes, choosing the right project management tool for a small business, creating a Word Press web site in just 1 day, how to make meetings more productive in 8 simple steps, and 4 ways to automate your business. is promising more useful small business tips for vendors in their blog in near future.

About is a one-stop website that brings together business consumers and vendors at one place. The consumers are able to view a complete list of vendors and compare their offers to select one that best meets their needs. Business consumers are thus able to save time and make better decisions. Vendors on the other hand receive highly targeted qualified leads that convert better. A forum where the buyers and vendors can meet has also been posted.

The blog is mostly aimed at vendors and it provides useful small business tips. For more information, please visit


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