Social Media and the Law Firm – Easy Ways to Boost Your Firm’s Online Profile

Social Media and the Law Firm - Easy Ways to Boost Your Firm's Online Profile

social-media-lawLawFuel’s blog has a new post about 10 ways law firms can boost their online profile using social media

So how can you best embrace it?  How can a law firm use social media to market their practice effectively?


Sending tweets and Facebook messages may seem both time-wasting and even irritating, the reality is that Google have increasingly relied “social popularity” or social footprints to rank them on their all-powerful search engine.

It therefore behoves lawyers to seriously develop a social media marketing program to grow their business and their profile.  Many lawyers have largely ignored social media until the past year and even now, most firms have no social media presence or plan.

The massive growth – and importance – of social media is such that lawyers need to consider how to use it properly in order to gain greater exposure, generate business and new clients.

Whether its a question of a personal injury attorney seeking to generate more work from those affected by mesothelioma side effects, a slip and fall accident, cruise liner accident, paxil side effects or an auto accident, lawyers need to generate an online profile that establishes their authority.  And much of that work involves using social media.

They’re busy, because they’re unable to “get around” to developing a plan or because they fail to see the importance of social media to developing their businesses.

Yet, lawyers can join the major social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus – quickly and easily and use them as an inexpensive way to drive traffic (and business) to their sites and also keep an eye on what their competitors are doing.

They can also use them to keep in contact with their clients, as well as keeping up to date with developments and trends.What are some of the key steps lawyers should adopt?

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