Baker + McKenzie’s Lessons for Lawyers On The Use Of Social Media

Baker + McKenzie's Lessons for Lawyers On The Use Of Social Media 2

How does Big Law deal with social media?  

Let’s make that more personal?  How many of AmLaw 100 managing partners actually use social media at all?

Have the answer?


That comes out of a Bloomberg article from Baker + McKenzie global chairman Eduardo C Leite who notes that using social media permits the firm to “engage and connect with our clients in real time and on a personal basis.”

The encouragement to blog and tweet came from Baker’s Global Communications team.  As one of the world’s largest law firms with revenues of $US2.54 billion and 11,500 people on board, including 4,200 lawyers spread across 77 offices, the use of social media permits closer connection with the firm family, as well as the firm’s clients.

I believe the blog has helped strengthen our Firm’s culture of friendship and provided opportunities for everyone to share in the excitement and gain a sense of ownership of the achievements of the Firm.

Some law firms are concerned their potential clients won’t interact with them online.

social-mediaMany lawyers run scared of social media and what it might involve, the time involvement and a range of other concerns, ill founded often. 

So what does Mr. Leite think?

Clients expect to be supported by firms that know them well, who understand their industries, products, cultures and technologies … firms that can keep up with them.

They also want their law firms to be as innovative, efficient and forward-looking as they are. Among many things this means embracing today’s technologies and keeping abreast of the latest digital trends in communications and marketing, including social media and blogging.

So there’s the lesson from one of the world’s largest law firms.  A social media marketing experiment that appears to be working wonders.

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