Sony Lawyer Confirms Release of “The Interview”

Sony Lawyer Confirms Release of "The Interview"

Will it? Won’t it?  The question of when, how and whether “The Interview” will be released remain as mysterious as North Korea, but Sony superlawyer David Boies confirms that the controversial film will be released.
This is a change from a couple of days ago when President Obama reprimanded Sony for their overreaction to threats by the hackers.

Then lawyer Boies appeared on “Meet the Press” to put the release back on the rails by saying had “delayed” the release and the movie would in fact find its market.  They are fighting to do so, but as MTV report . . who exactly are they fighting?

Themselves? Or the movie theaters they told could make up their own minds about showing the film?

“It will be distributed,” Boies assured viewers. “How it’s going to be distributed, I don’t think anybody knows quite yet. But it’s going to be distributed.” This contradicts an earlier report from The New York Post that the film would be released for free on

Boies also went on to hoist some of the issue onto the government itself, saying that while Sony has so far appreciated the FBI’s investigation into the hack, “the rest of the government has got to get behind it and has got to figure out a way that we can protect our national security.”

He “would have liked to have seen [the government’s response] a little earlier” and “without the sort of ‘blame the victim’ aspect of it” that he and the studio perceived his comments to be.

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