Who Is Steven Avery’s New Lawyer, Kathleen Zellner?

Who Is Steven Avery's New Lawyer, Kathleen Zellner? 2

Anyone who has watched “Making a Murderer” – all three of you – will know that Steven Avery served 18 years in prison before being released after DNA evidence proved his innocence.  He was then rre-arrested and convicted of the murder of photograher Teresa Halbach.  And he’s appealing again, using a smart lawyer named Kathleen Zellner.

So who is Kathleen Zellner?

She has secured the release of 17 men involved in wrongful conviction cases – but she has done much more than that, too.

Prior to opening her law firm in 1991, a firm which claims to have recovered almost $100 million in verdicts and settlements, the Texan lawyer has increasingly specialized in the hard cases involving wrongly convicted murderers and others.

Zellner has appeared various television programs, including Dateline, 20/20, A & E, Oprah and others, as well as having her famous cases profiled in the New York Times, LA Times Magazine, Boston Herald, National Law Journal, Chicago Tribune, USA Today and elsewhere.

.She will be working  on the Avery appeal with Tricia Bushnell,legal director of the Midwest Innocence Project.



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