10 Surefire Marketing Tips for Law Firms

10 Surefire Marketing Tips for Law Firms

Law firm marketing involves an increasingly important online involvement and specifically on social media. As marketing budgets grow there are a variety of alternatives that present themselves to law firms seeking to establish their brand and become more competitive.

Marketing consultant Jonha Revesencio recently published 10 “surefire marketing” tips for law firms on the Huffington Post.

Check these out:

1. Previous Clients Are Potential Current Clients
Never discard client contact information, no matter how old or possibly out of date it may seem. All former clients need to be contacted, preferably by phone if you have the manpower and means, or by mass email campaigns, to let them know you are still in business and ready to service their needs. Offer a discount for returning clients. A free consultation on wills or a living trust, for instance.
2. Set Aside a Minimum of 2.5 Percent of Your Revenues to Marketing

That 2.5 percent cut doesn’t include the wages of the individuals you will have employed to execute the work. This money is allocated to creating effective branding, on getting clients or customers out to luncheons. These are all effective marketing techniques. Indeed, you must invest at least 2.5 percent in marketing; otherwise you are wasting your time.

3. Use Multimedia Such as Videos and Pictures to Liven up Your Website

Producing videos isn’t hard at all, and can be done very easily. In fact, without video, you are actually missing out on an excellent marketing strategy. Your branding is improved, and you become more noticeable. Your message can be conveyed more effectively.

4. Word of Mouth Is a Brilliant Thing

One of the most powerful marketing forces is word of mouth, meaning that satisfied clients will refer their colleagues and friends to you, which can be more effective than many other marketing techniques. You must try to increase word of mouth referrals, and while you can’t control word of mouth directly, you can surely affect it indirectly by the service you give, and by not being afraid to accept and act on negative client input.

5. Trade Associations Are Great Places for Networking

At the end of the day, networking is what gets you new contacts and ideas, which is why you should attend trade associations in your city, county, and state, where hundreds of potential clients may be attending. You can simply ask your clients about the meetings they attend, and request them to introduce you to others, so that you can attend these associations and score more clients.

6. When Results Are Measured, Results Improve

Make sure you are able to track the results of all your marketing campaigns. Those that bring in clients that result in billable hours obviously should be continued, and perhaps expanded. Those that bring in very few, or none, should be discontinued.

7. B2B Emailing Lets You See Results Right Away

You can see things like how many have opened your email and what their response is. As mentioned earlier, a simple B2B campaign would be contacting former business clients by email and offering them a discount if they use your services again within the next month.

8. Make Your Blog More Anecdotal, Less Promotional

Don’t write “We can give you such and such service.” Instead, write “We helped Bill Jones write up a living will that helped his estate avoid a costly probate contest.”

9. Be a Greeter at Civic Functions

It’s a little too obvious if you pass out your card with your handshakes, but you’ll get quite a few inquiries as you greet people as to what you do. Don’t just say “I’m an attorney.” Say “I win court cases.”
10. Explore Social Media Marketing
Social media needs an article all its own to begin to suggest how it can help you market your law firm brand. Facebook and Twitter offer invaluable marketing techniques for any law firm willing to make the effort. Hire an in-house social media manager, if you can afford it. Otherwise, outsource it. But, above all else, don’t ignore social media or downplay it. Remember that in marketing you must choose between boredom, shouting, and seduction. So keep these seductive techniques in mind for your law firm.

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