Tech Platform Seeks to Revolutionise How Legal Professionals Connect in Australia, New Zealand

Law-Whiz Pty Ltd (Law-Whiz) is pleased to announce the Australian and New-Zealand launch of its custom-designed platform, which is set to revolutionise the legal profession practice and the relationship between the Barrister, Solicitor and other Legal Professionals. Law-Whiz is a disruptive technology that challenges the manner in which those in the legal profession conduct business, select legal cases and deliver briefs.

Law-Whiz’s website-based platform has been designed to deliver Barristers business and matches the client briefs from Solicitors, Counsel and other Legal Professionals with the Barrister’s availability and level of expertise.

Law-Whiz was created in 2018 by high-end commercial litigator, April Arslan. With over 20 years’ experience in the legal profession, April’s vision is to “make a difference” in the way lawyers conduct business across all common law based legal systems.

In commenting on the creation of Law-Whiz, April Arslan also said:

“It’s a solution. Barristers no longer have to chase work to increase their revenue. Solicitors don’t have to chase barristers and clerks no longer have to chase the two to connect them.

“The old system of barristers, solicitors and clerks all chasing each other for briefs and client representation is a frustrating, expensive process. Someone has to wear the costs required to find appropriate barristers for the clients.

“I’ve built this platform so that everything is simplified and streamlined into an efficient process for all barristers, solicitors and clerks.”

About Law-Whiz
Law-Whiz is a unique platform custom-designed to connect barristers and solicitors instantly and facilitate a seamless business operation to improve the work flow and revenue of those in the legal profession.
Traditionally, barristers look for cases by marketing themselves using outdated channels, while solicitors with active matters search for available barristers with the correct area of expertise by contacting numerous clerks and firms. For both the barrister and the solicitor, this is an inefficient use of time and money.
Law-Whiz has been designed to solve this exhaustive use of resources.
Law-Whiz connect barristers and solicitors in all common law countries instantly and bridges the gap between barristers and solicitors, who in the past, would have never crossed paths. Law-Whiz also facilitates direct access to barristers by corporate in-house counsel, solicitors employed by government or other agencies, insurance companies, banks and corporate accounting firms.

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