The Australian Bitcoin Mogul’ at The Center of A Crypto Scandal

bitcoin scandal

The bitcoin world continues to turn itself on its head with tales of massive, near-instant wealth and scandal and The Australian recently profiled the tale of a 37 year old Australian math whizz at the centre of a bitcoin scandal.

As the newspaper reported, “if the pictures of Lamborghinis lined up outside bitcoin conferences in Manhattan or jet skis bobbing in the crystal clear waters of Bermuda are anything to go by, working at leading cryptocurrency exchange and derivatives trading platform BitMEX was a sweet gig.”

For Greg Dwyer, who joined BitMEX in 2015 and saw it grow into a USD$3 billion empire, it was a story of inestimable wealth that – unfortunately for him and others – crashed to earth last year.

“Last October, the exchange’s four owners were accused by US authorities of flouting sanctions with Iran and allowing organised criminals to launder potentially billions of dollars through their exchange. The disappearance of the public face of BitMEX, its charismatic and telegenic founder Arthur Hayes, has captivated the American financial media and inspired a Vanity Fair feature.

“KWhat has not been revealed until now is the involvement of an Australian in the BitMEX saga. For the first time, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald can tell the story of how a 37-year-old maths whiz from the Sydney suburb of Gordon, a graduate of the prestigious St Ignatius College, Riverview and Sydney University, is at the centre of one of the biggest scandals in the cryptocurrency world’s short history.”


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