Which Law Marketing Firm? The Key Information You Need Before Choosing A Marketing Firm For Your Law Firm

Which Law Marketing Firm? The Key Information You Need Before Choosing A Marketing Firm For Your Law Firm 2

Law marketing 

Choosing a top law marketing firm may seem an easy ask, however there are a number of key factors that need to be considered when making a choice that can have major ramifications for your law firm’s public profile and success.

Law firm marketing has become a big business and there are a growing number of digital marketing agencies, law firm SEO specialists, legal marketers and others who will make promises as to what they can do for your law firm.

We have reported previously on some of the top law branding gurus and what they recommend as ‘best practice’ for law firm marketing.

And they require some key questions, which we’ve outlined below, along with a list of some of the largest law marketing firms in the US.

Make Sure Your Marketing Firm Understands What You Want

You want more business, a higher profile and perhaps other things that will project your firm into the future successfully, but it is imperative that the marketing firm you choose understands exactly what those priorities are.

There are other factors too, such as developing your own firm profile, enhancing your firm recruitment profile and realigning your practice to embrace new, developing areas of law.

Make sure you’re law firm marketer knows those objectives but equally important – if not more so – make sure you know what you’re looking for from a law marketing viewpoint.  Are you seeking to reach a new market?  Enhance existing profile objectives with a view towards attracting the clients you want?  Are you looking to update and refresh your own branding?

Be clear on what it is you’re seeking to do and communicate that vision to the law marketing agency.

Consider Your Budget and What You Can Achieve With A Digital Marketing Agency

Clearly budget issues are key too.  You need to know exactly what you have to spend on digital marketing for your law firm.

There is an element of ‘how long is a piece of string’ to these issues and budgets are almost endlessly ‘elastic’ in terms of what your firm can do.  So carefully identify how much you can spend and – importantly – how much time you can also spend in your partnership with a law marketing firm.

Remember that this process is about getting the best value from the law marketing agency, not just getting the best price for the law marketing you want to do.

If your law firm already has a law marketing team working on social media, content marketing and other matters, then identify what aspects of your marketing efforts you need help with and what you are already doing.

Do Your Own Research on The Best Law Firm Digital Marketing Agencies

We know that most digital marketing agencies are top notch outfits, but there are a lot of agencies out there who will promise the earth and fail to deliver the results.

Do your homework.

Check the ‘success stories’ and the track record of the law marketing firm and even ask colleagues about their success or otherwise with any firm.

Any established and successful law marketer will be able to show you the work they have done and what they have achieved, so act like you’re a law client coming to you – ask questions and check their credentials..

Ensure Your Marketing Agency Understands Your Legal Practice

Law firms differ in a thousand ways, from their size to their focus and culture. The law marketing firm you employ needs to understand what your practice areas are and how your law firm operates.

That will mean you should know and like who you’re working with, but also you need to have someone who knows and has worked in the legal arena before and understands the dynamics and nature of law firms.

You need to be able to have a good relationships with your law marketing agency so that you can get across the messages and objectives you’re seeking to achieve.

Plan For a Long Term Relationship

You may not be wanting to throw unlimited funds at a marketing agency and a good marketer will not expect you to.

However you do want to know that you are entering a partnership with your marketing agency and that they will be in the trenches with you delivering the very best law marketing results.  So plan on being their with them as partners working together towards a well thought-out marketing plan.

This is not a time to make an impulsive, ‘let’s give it a try’ attitude.

The relationship needs to be transparent and honest.  Everyone needs to know what is expected and how to proceed with achieving the results you seek.

Some Leading Law Marketing Firms

We’ve sorted out some of the best in the law firm marketing game with a list of those companies and marketing agencies that handle top work for law firms with a wealth of experience.

We don’t profess to endorse them, but have looked at the list objectively to provide an outline of what you can consider when you look at employing a good marketing agency for digital or general law marketing.


Leading Law Marketing Firms

Cardinal Digital Marketing

Cardinal are a digital marketing agency for law firms that focus generally on the smaller to medium-sized firms focused on personal injury, criminal, immigration and similar work.  They handle SEO, PPC campaigns, social media and related areas and have spent the past decade building a solid reputation for their work.


A law firm SEO agency focused in particular upon personal injury law firms.  Rankings.io use the SEO Discovery Audit and the Attorney Rankings System to achieve top rankings on Google for their clients.  The Rankings System uses content marketing, backlink development, onpage SEO and other systems to achieve top rankings.  

Inbound Law Marketing

Inbound is a fast-growing law marketing agency that has a principal focus on SEO, web design and related areas.  The team provide a significant range of law marketing services designed to enhance digital marketing efforts with maximum results.  

Juris Digital

Casey Meraz is the man behind the growing reputation of Juris Digital, which provides a full suite of SEO, content marketing, web design and related services for law firms.


Sagapixel is a WordPress web design company, but also a successful SEO digital marketing agency handling law firm marketing along with anyone else operating on the WordPress platform (which is most websites these days).  They have a high reputation for quality work, particularly when fast-loading, mobile-friendly websites are so important for law firm marketing effectiveness.

Lorenzo Gutierrez

A major law firm digital marketing agency, Lorenzo Gutierrez provides a full suite of law marketing services ranging from the usual SEO to PPC, content writing, web design and everything else.  Although they handle similar work in other, specific sectors they are well experienced in providing services for attorneys seeking a top result.

Elite Legal Marketing

Elite was set up by two legal marketers to service small to medium-sized law firms with legal marketing services. The firm handles web design, SEO, PPC, social media marketing and related services for law firms.

Nosmos Marketing

Another small digital marketing agency but with a reputation for results and service, Nosmos is operated by not one but two husband-and-wife teams handling a full service of web design, SEO and related law firm marketing services.

Attorney Marketing Center

Former attorney David Ward runs a smaller law marketing agency in California and provides a range of articles and tips on law firm marketing focused on smaller law firms.  He helps firms generate more clients, obtain a bigger market share and helps firms focus on the areas of greatest potential.

Checking out a good law marketing firm is essentially common sense, so long as you don’t permit the agency to ‘blind you with science’ on the search engine optimization and Google algorithm changes and so forth.

There is no real angle dust spread about with this work and while it has become more competitive and sophisticated to rank high on the search engines for law firms, it comes down to communicating a clear vision to the law firm marketing company.

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