The Barristers on the Power List

The Barristers on the Power List 2

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The Barristers on the Power List 3
The Barristers on the Power List 4
Julian Miles on LawFuel Power List

Barristers play a prominent role in the 2020 LawFuel Power List, with senior power figures dominating the list.

David Williams QC

No 15 – Globe girdling arbitrator, former Judge

Michael Heron QC

No. 16 – Former Solicitor General and Uber-busy Silk

Una Jagose

No. 4 – Solicitor General

Chris Finlayson QC

No. 10 – Former Attorney General

Alan Galbraith QC

No. 11 – Senior commercial silk

Nigel Hampton QC

No. 24 – Nigel Hampton QC – Leading advocate & leader

Jack Hodder QC

No. 25 – Serious contender for the top commercial silk crown

Robert Fisher QC
Jonathan Eaton QC

No. 33 – Leading criminal defence lawyer

Brian Henry

No. 37 – Winston Peter’s man-in-court and more

Ron Mansfield

No. 38 – Hard criminal case expert

Raynor Asher QC

No. 40 – Just-retired jurist and busy mediator/adviser

Deborah Chambers QC

No 45 – Matrimonial and relationship property leader

Jim Farmer QC

No. 47 – Long time leading silk, with major residual power

Julian Miles QC

No 49 – Long time influencial silk

The 2020 LawFuel Power List

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