The Dating & Matchmaking Business – Calling All Men – Where are You?

2 October 2011 – Finding the perfect match is not the easiest job in the world – and for Wellington matchmaker Rosie Bowie who has recently returned from meeting matchmakers in New York, it is not necessarily any easier there, either.

Rosie, who runs Matchcompany a Wellington-based matchmaking agency which this year celebrates it’s 20th year of operation, says the issues facing matchmakers in a place like New York are much the same as those found in running a local agency, only on a larger scale.

“A celebrity matchmaker like Janis Spindel, who charges up to several hundred thousand dollars,has to deal with all the same issues we do here: men-shortage, compatability issues, socialisation matters and the like. It’s really no different other than the scale and resources that someone like Janis has at her disposal.”

Spindel, who works 24/7 looking for the perfect match with her upscale clientele who are prepared to literally pay the earth for the right match.

“Failure is not an option for her and she literally will go to the end of the earth to find the perfect match, including here if the right person is found.”

And who is the right person?

“It’s the same requirements as here: people are looking for someone who is warm, kind, honest and of course compatible,” says Rosie Bowie. Her agency has recently also launched a look for more men. “We’ve had a large number of women clients but men have always been more reluctant to seek the services of a dating agency for some reason,” she says.

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“But there’s no real reason for that other than a natural reluctance among men to take that step. They often think they can do it themselves, but we are much more likely to match a man quickly at present than a woman.”

“Patience is a virtue in this business and I refuse to be rushed into making matches that are not going to work. But the right men, really, are in demand.”

What sort of men?

“They don’t all need to have Dan Carter looks and appearance, they just need to be decent people who are looking for a long-term relationship. Simple, really,” she says. “They just need to call or email for a chat. No obligation, or anything.”

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