The Law Firm “Big Tech” Hates Moves Into Tech Country

The Law Firm "Big Tech" Hates Moves Into Tech Country

How does a firm so hated by the tech community now survive among its “victims”.

Edelson PC is renowned as a tech-lawsuit specialist, sueing firms like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Netflix and – well, pretty much any major tech company you can think of.

Now Edelson’s are moving into San Francisco to be closer to the action. The Chicago-headquartered law firm, headed by Jay Edelson who was profiled in a piece carried by LawFuel earlier in the year, has a full raft of lawsuits on its platter, including one against Twitter for allegedly snooping on direct messages sent between users, and another potential suit against Facebook for its massive biometric data collection

The head of litigation for the firm is Rafey Balabanian who will run the San Francisco operation in the heart of tech country. And he’s looking forward to the action as another New York Times story shows.

The first major test for the new office, which Balabanian expects to have eight attorneys by next summer, is a lawsuit against the person search firm Spokeo, which goes to the Supreme Court in a case that alleges the company avoided the effects of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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