The Various ‘Firsts’ Achieved By Kamala Harris’s Lawyer Husband

The Various 'Firsts' Achieved By Kamala Harris's Lawyer Husband 2
The Various 'Firsts' Achieved By Kamala Harris's Lawyer Husband 5

The husband of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, will sever ties with DLA Piper by Inauguration Day according to a Biden campaign spokesperson.

The so-called ‘second gentleman’, Emhoff is to work with the Biden transition team and may later hold some unspecified administration role.

Emhoff, 56, worked as an entertainment lawyer with DLA Piper, who he joined in 2017 from Venables, according to a press release at the time.

There are a number of ‘firsts’ with the Emhoff / Harris links, including –

>> His wife Kamala Harris is the first woman was elected as the United States president or vice-president.

>> He is the first male spouse of any US vice president

>> He is the first US ‘second gentleman’

>> He is the first Jewish person married to either a president or vice-president

As LawFuel reported the two met on a blind date when Kamala Harris was California attorney general, Emhoff having previously been married with two children.

He became active on social media supporting his wife.

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