The Young Lawyer Who Sacrificed Here £100k Salary To Handle Human Rights Law

The Young Lawyer Who Sacrificed Here £100k Salary To Handle Human Rights Law

Writing in the lifestyle website Refinery 29, the unnamed, 29 year old lawyer explained that she had moved from the security of her high paying City legal job to handle work that was more interesting and rewarding in a non-financial way. However, she also experts to be receiving her six figure salary at some unspecified later date.

There are times when she was up in the early hours burning the midnight oil, finishing work after 3am on two days in her diary. But, she says, “I don’t mind working longer hours (even on this salary) when the work is as interesting as this.”

“I was working for a large City law firm, where I was earning just over £100,000,” she logs in her week-long account. “I quit for a smaller firm specialising in a niche area of law which I’m passionate about. It’s both interesting and makes me feel like I’m doing something good for the world.”

She describes how those close to her were “surprised” and “worried” about her career move.

Many of those close to me were surprised and worried about this move. My parents especially. They immigrated to the UK from Poland and have been working tirelessly to make their business a success. To them, the move seems like a ‘step back’ but I explained that they also took a ‘step back’ by starting their business from scratch here 30 years ago. I think they also find comfort in that I’ve prepared myself for this uncertain period of time and have always lived as though I were on a lower salary. 

The human rights lawyer takes home £1,295 after tax each month, £956 of which is her share towards the mortgage on a flat she co-owns with her sister. She saves on student loan repayments as her current salary is “too low” as well as on transport since she works from home for the most part and can “walk everywhere”.

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