Today’s the Day – ‘Let’s See Trump in Handcuffs’

Today's the Day - 'Let's See Trump in Handcuffs'

Bob Jones Makes His Predictions on the US Election Outcome

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Bob Jones – The big day has finally arrived. I was hoping Duncan Copley of Milford who alone knows the result given that 70 million votes have already been cast, would spill the beans. But the buggers remained silent.

Presumably he was flat out cleaning up with bookies everywhere on the Melbourne Cup and is now on a bender celebrating his fortune.

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The world’s been saturated with political predictions ranging from a Biden landslide to a narrow Trump victory.

Still, one thing we can be really sure about is the feeble Biden coming in at least 5 million votes ahead of the oaf, but it’s where they fall that will count.

Of the so-called deciding battleground states I’m picking Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin to fall to Biden. They total 88 votes.

If I’m right, Biden just scrapes home. Texas, Ohio, and Florida are all too close to call but if Biden picks up just one of them his margin becomes sizeable.

One thing’s certain. The election will not be resolved today unless there’s a massive undebatable landslide, which seems unlikely. Trump will cry fraud and refuse to go.

There’s talk of mass rioting, shop fronts being boarded up and huge gun sales, presumably for defensive purposes.

I suspect this is hyperbole albeit there’s bound to be some incidents, given the depth of feeling, particularly by Trump’s well-named deplorables’ supporters.

It would be a wonderful cap on a terrible year to witness Trump handcuffed, being dragged out of the White House, doubtless with Melania standing by unable to hide her glee as she’s free at last.

The repercussions will go on for years including the distinct possibility of Trump facing criminal accounting and tax charges.

Two years ago I predicted there would be more books written about the Trump presidency than exists for any of his predecessors.

To date the tally exceeds 4,500 but they’ll keep coming.

To give a measure of that figure, there’s been just over 15,000 written over three centuries about George Washington.

There’s no doubt about it. We’re living in crazy times. Anyone with a knowledge of history will recognize the fin de siècle sense of decline of the west whiff about today’s world.


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