Tool to Split Outlook PST Now supports Outlook 2010 Also

Gothenburg, Sweden, September 24, 2010 – SysTools Split PST software is a solution package provided by the SysTools Group, which is used to split Outlook PST files that have grown very large in size. This software will now serve a greater number of users as it is now made to support the latest Outlook 2010 version also.

In regard to this benefit packed software with an updated feature, Evan Swans (Director of Product Development, SysTools Group) happily expressed his feelings in the words, “We are contended to see the position that we have been able to create in the market today. We believe that it is our ability to adapt rapidly to the evolving technologies and augmenting customer preferences. This helps us create useful products for our users. It is worth pointing out that it is our pleasure to announce that SysTools Split PST software will now work for Outlook 2010 users as well. Our motive is to satisfy a majority of users; and, owing to this reason, we try to make our tools comprehensive enough to work for all users.”

To split PST files into smaller size files, SysTools Split PST software is a worth mentioning Outlook splitter solution. Several users all over the world use to break PST files of large sizes into smaller parts for the sake of convenience and better Outlook management. The software is proficient enough to split Outlook PST files; and users can do this task with utmost ease and comfort. Dividing PST files into smaller sized files also increases speed and performance of the Outlook email application. SysTools Split PST software now supports Outlook 2010 also along with supporting all other older Outlook versions.

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