D-Law Announces Efficient Services in Civil Litigation Check


D-Law Announces Efficient Services in Civil Litigation Check

Hong Kong, September 24, 2010:
has recently announced efficient services in Civil litigation check to help clients from various fields make more accurate evaluation of the subject matter they are dealing with. The service provider gathers records from all the major courts in Hong Kong and archives them on the web very efficiently. This process makes them an efficient online
legal research site for various businesses. One can easily do a background check of the litigations that have taken place in the past concerning a particular client.

The spokesperson of D-Law said, “We are pleased to announce efficient services in civil litigation check for clients that would help them make decision more accurately. We have made our site user-friendly to help our clients get access to various records easily.”

D-Law is an efficient legal content management site that has made legal search more convenient for clients. The service provider’s clientele range from professionals from banking and finance sectors to various other corporate businesses. To “evaluate with clarity” is the motto of the service provider and they follow it with utmost professionalism.

If a client wants to have a litigation check then the service provider’s site can be referred to. The payment system for D-Law is also flexible to help clients and one can choose to pay per record or for a preferred time period only. They aim to provide an unrivalled record checking experience to their clients.

About D-Law:
D-Law is an experienced legal service provider based in Hong Kong. It is complimented by a large group of legal experts whose main motive is to help their clients in making validated decisions by providing them with a wide range of legal services like due diligence and many more.

For further details, contact:
Phone: +852 2915 5138

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