The Top 3 Most Popular Law Schools for US Supreme Court Justices

The Top 3 Most Popular Law Schools for US Supreme Court Justices

Choosing a good law school is one thing, but how do you go about choosing a law school fit for a US Supreme Court Justice? And which law schools are the most popular with the Justices?

In terms of where US Justices attended law school, TIME magazine recently pointed out that historically many lawyers and justices alike never actually obtained their law qualifications.

In fact, the first justice to attend, but not graduate from law school, was John Blair Jr. in 1756, and the last was Robert Houghwout Jackson in 1912.

TIME reports: It wasn’t until 1832, when Benjamin Robbins graduated from Harvard University, that the first justice-to-be obtained a Juris Doctorate degree.

But even then, justices continued to enter the Supreme Court without a J.D. until 1941, when the last two men without the degree—James Frances Byrnes (never attended law school) and Robert Houghwout Jackson (attended Albany Law School, but never graduated)—entered the court.

In all, 48 Supreme Court Justices of the United States successfully graduated from law school. The ones that produced the most justices are Harvard (15), Yale (6), and Columbia (2).

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