Using LinkedIn for Lawyers – A New Client Cash Cow

Using LinkedIn as a marketing tool for lawyers has increasingly become something of a no-brainer.  The ability to harness the power of the massive network, which is specifically designed for professionals and others to “network”, means that there is a receptive audience for quality leads and content.

LinkedIn executive Samantha McKenna recent published a piece on LinkedIn Sales Navigator and how it can be used by lawyers – in this case by an established partner (Diane) seeking to expand her network and client base and by a lawyer setting up her practice.

There were three, key tactics that paid off – 

  • Who do you know that I want to know? TeamLink Extend is a feature that allows you, as a firm employee, to see the connections of up to 1000 of your colleagues, alumni or board members. Diane had started to make in roads at three new companies where she served as the Relationship Attorney (RA), but hadn’t yet closed significant amounts of business. By flipping a TeamLink switch and opening her network internally at her firm, she found dozens of attorneys in global offices who had tremendous connections at her three new clients. By reaching out to her colleagues for help, she exponentially accelerated the pace at which she landed new meetings and was able to leverage her network to bring more firm revenue. Those same attorneys were able to mine Diane’s network for leverage at their own clients. The result? Seven of those attorneys opened up 13 new opportunities in under 90 days.
  • Daily News Feed – Your existing LinkedIn feed tells you the ins and outs of your friends, colleagues, law school classmates, etc. – think of it like the personal version of your LinkedIn. However, both Diane and Anna created “professional” versions of their LinkedIn via Navigator and rather than sending connection requests to prospects, they employed LinkedIn’s “Save Account/Save Lead” button. By saving, you’re tracking the posts of your target accounts and anyone that you’d like to follow within those accounts, without having to reach out directly to those individuals. The result? She instantly made herself a powerhouse to her partners with her key insights that allowed everyone within her group to look informed when engaging with their clients. This also gave actionable insights to both Diane and Anna that they would have otherwise missed without their daily emails and LinkedIn Navigator feeds. 
  • Hand Delivered Leads – By saving her key accounts and targets, Anna also had the ability to save her “sales” preferences and searches. For example, she built a profile specifically within Navigator that described the types of contacts she was looking for and in what demographic, industries and company sizes. In addition, she started building saved searches that said she wanted to know any time anyone left the firm’s biggest clients and went to new companies, or another search that alerted her each time an alumnus of her firm moved to a new position. The result? This led to daily alerts of key General Counsels (GC) and decision makers moving companies and allowing her to, again, be of value to her partners with this information that would be otherwise unknown.

Source: LinkedIn – Samantha McKenna

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