5 Reasons The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Should Be Illegal

5 Reasons The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Should Be Illegal 2

We received an item for a New York attorney concerned at the Victoria Secrets’ fashion show and providing reasons why it should be – tongue kind-of in cheek – regarded as illegal or at least disregarded by normal people who don’t have girlfriends or wives who wear skimpy lingerie and wings.

This is not meant to be a killjoy post, our contributor writes, but says something as to why the Victoria Secrets fashion parade, the latest of which has been splattered across social media far and very wide, unfairly places women and the men who seek them, in an unfair position.

So What Are The 5 Reasons Why Victorias’ Secret Fashion Parade Should be Illegal?

1. It continues to paint its illustrious and celebrity-models in the thin model vein, thus reinforcing images of womenhood that are both incorrect and dangerous – as much for men as women, ironically.

After all, who has a wife like a Victoria’s Secret model, apart from Caleb Followill, Adam Levine, Sunnery James, Herman Nicoli and one or two others?

2. It perpetuates racial stereotyping. Okay, maybe not so much this time but the VS owners have shown a repeated tendency towards this practice.

Who can forget the ‘geisha’ costume worn by the blond Candice Swaenpoel – now there’s an Asian name, not – recently? Bad influence, bad politics, bad publicity.vic-secret2

3. It’s ‘Perfect Body’ tagline, rephrased to ‘A Body for Everybody’ fails to communicate to women-in-the-street that VS angels are perfect, but they are not thus enhancing their insecurities and contributing to their degradation.

Not cool.

4. Lip-synching to Taylor Swift encourages copyright breaches and illegal downloads. Really?

Yes, really.

5. No-one wears wings to bed, so what’s the deal? How can this be something that doesn’t offend common sense and dignity?

This is a company selling its gear by using over-the-top and unfair trade practice and imagery. We might enjoy watching, or even buying, but where’s the truth and fairness in all of this?

So there they are.  The five reasons why the most watched fashion show on the planet should be regarded as something akin to visiting Pirate Bay and downloading “The Hobbit”.

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