Building a Volunteer Culture and Your Law Firm

Building a Volunteer Culture and Your Law Firm

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Building a Volunteer Culture and Your Law FirmIf someone needs legal assistance, they’re not likely to turn to just anyone for help. When the time comes to hire a lawyer, just about everyone is going to look for a law firm that they genuinely trust. They want to know they’re putting their future in the hands of someone who cares about their wellbeing.

As an attorney, it’s essential to build trust with your community.

One great way to do this is by doing community service.

Why Community Service Is Essential for Law Firms

If you’re an attorney, you can become isolated in your work. When you only focus on your current cases, the clients coming through your door and going through the same motions you follow for every case, you can’t grow as a lawyer. Without taking in new environments, interacting with new people and learning new ways of doing things, you can grow rigid in your work.

Community service presents you with an opportunity to become involved with something other than your firm’s work — and, strangely enough, you’ll improve your work by doing so.

With your volunteer work, you develop new skills, engage with other local attorneys and become stronger in the legal protection you can provide to members of your community.

Taking on volunteer work can make you a visible figure in your area. When you head an event, support a local charity or simply show up and help wherever you can, people within your community begin to recognize your face. Whenever they need legal help, you’ll be the first person they call.

There are many different ways law firms can get involved in their area. Only about 23.3% of legal professionals volunteer by using their professional skills, so don’t feel confined to just offering your legal services. Let’s take a look at some of the many other ways to give back.

Creative Ways for Attorneys to Volunteer Their Time

While taking on pro bono work is the most common ways for attorneys to volunteer, there are a number of other ways to give back to the community.

Here are just a few that you and your firm may want to consider:

1.Contribute to a Cause: If there is a particular cause you and your team is passionate about, become involved with a local charity or organization that dedicates their time to that cause. Whether you support through time or money, anything is helpful.

2.Teach a Class: Whether it’s teaching a class at a local college or a mini-course for high school students, there is always a demand for professionals looking to share their expertise. By helping people understand their rights, how the legal process works or what they should do if they’re ever in need of legal assistance, you could make a difference in someone’s life.

3.Go Beyond Your Job Duty: As an attorney, you probably see a lot of clients going through difficult times. While your job is to help them legally, being there to help them in other ways can truly get them back on their feet. Whether it’s helping them connect with the right people or just providing extra support, look for other ways you can help.

When considering how to convince your firm to volunteer their time, encourage each team member to find something they’re truly passionate about. If you’re doing community service in a way that makes you feel good about yourself and the work you’re doing, it will be easier for your firm to get involved.

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