Watch These 3 and 4 Year Olds Representing Themselves in Immigration Proceedings

Could it be true. Kids of 3 and 4 representing themselves in immigration proceedings? Such as the little guy in the video above, who has a special message for the judge who claimed these young kids should represent themselves.


Immigration Judge Jack H. Weil, whose responsibilities include training judges, deposed that that 3- and 4-year-olds are capable of representing themselves.

And so . .

Check this 3 year old representing himself in immigration court

While Lilah can handle deportation easily. She would like to be sent back to a place called Pizza.


The judge’s testimony was part of a lawsuit brought by immigrant rights advocates and the ACLU who say that counsel should be appointed for children who cannot afford a lawyer, even if they understood what a lawyer is. But the judge went a whole lot further than denying that concept – or either of them – by saying:

“I’ve taught immigration law literally to 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds,” Weil said. “It takes a lot of time. It takes a lot of patience. They get it. It’s not the most efficient, but it can be done.”

His statements angered immigrant advocates and pro-bono attorneys who work with the migrant children, leading some to post videos of them being asked questions they would typically face in court proceedings.

Texas-based attorney Amy Maldonado, who also practices in Michigan, has been collecting some of the videos and posting them on her YouTube channel.

Maldonado said the videos came out of a Facebook group discussion she and other attorneys had after Weil’s statements were publicized. Amber L. Weeks was the first one to post a video, then other lawyers started posting videos of their kids.

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