The Way to Ruin A Job Interview in 5 Minutes

The Way to Ruin A Job Interview in 5 Minutes

We love stories about job interviews, because after all it’s central to so much about the life of the young lawyer.

So when we read in Forbes about what kills a job interview, from contributor Liz Ryan, the CEO and founder of Human Workplace. We knew there was going to be blood.  Somewhere.

And she spills the beans, if not the blood, in explaining exactly why job interviews are ruined by a process that should turn the tables and actually ask the job seeker what their questions are first – that way you learn a lot.

Here are some other things the job interviewer needs to know according to Liz Ryan.

She writes about the 5 Minute wrecking of a job interview

  1.  Tuning out. Most of the time when a job interview is wrecked, it’s because of the job interview process. Interviewers dial it in and go through the motions. They ask questions from a script instead of putting the script down and having a human conversation.
  2. The way we interview people is horrendous. What are you going to learn about someone by asking idiotic questions like “What’s your greatest weakness?” or “What would your last boss say about you?” Those questions have nothing to do with the job you’re trying to fill.
  3. When you interview a job-seeker, you can put the script down and have a human conversation. You can tell the applicant about the job and about the issues he or she will deal with on the job. Get his or her reactions to your current situation and the challenges you’re facing at the moment.  Do you think CEOs use an interview script when they hire bankers or other advisors? Of course not! They look someone in the eye and say “Tell me what you think about my business situation.” You can’t impress them. You have to be real.
  4. Start by asking the job candidate to ask you his or her questions, first. You will already have let every applicant know that you’re going to give them the mic first, and let them ask every question on their mind. You’ll learn a lot more about a person by listening to his or her questions than by hearing his or her scripted answers to dumb interview questions.

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