What an Experienced Workers Compensation Attorney should do for You?

When you are working in an environment that could be hazardous for your health, chances of injury or long-term negative health impacts are quite high. For example, if your work involves heavy lifting, chances are that it will strain your spine.

Or if your job results in the same exhaustion, it could tense your muscles. Some jobs can even result in disabilities for a lifetime. If such is the case with your job, you need a worker’s compensation attorney.

Why do you need a worker’s compensation attorney?

In case of an injury, because of the nature of the work, companies are usually legally entitled to pitch in with the medical expenses. Insurance companies are also involved in these cases because they have to cover the cost of injuries. Getting the highest level of compensation for sustained injuries could be challenging for many people. Involving an attorney in such cases can be very beneficial for you.

A worker’s compensation attorney has knowledge about the law, and they know how to get you the best compensation in this scenario. There are instances where an insurance company can deny your claims under several pretenses, for example, if you have a pre-existing injury, worsened by a recent accident. Companies can claim that you are not entitled to a hefty compensation because the severity of the injury is only a result of the pre-existing injury.

In a scenario like this, the specialized knowledge of an attorney could get you a fair settlement. 

A Case for Permanent Disabilities

Permanent disabilities cases are the most common ones that are rejected by companies. The compensation for permanent disability could be a hefty sum, and many companies find the minutest grounds to avoid the compensation of these cases.

Fighting a case for permanent disability could be a drawn out process, which requires legal expertise. By hiring an attorney, you will ensure that your case is not dismissed on superficial grounds, which you might not be able to defend on your own.

Hiring these attorneys is also a cheap process because they only receive compensation for the settlement that you receive from your company. In the cases of permanent disabilities, chance of retaliation from the companies is very high. However, when you have an attorney, companies will refrain from retaliating because they know that their actions will have legal repercussions. 

The Final Verdict

With the assistance of a worker’s compensation attorney, you can receive the best compensation for an injury that you have sustained at work.

The assistance of an attorney is definitely recommended in case of permanent disability or if you have a pre-existing injury. These cases can be tough and are very technical in nature, which could go against you. Trained attorneys have expert knowledge that will ensure that you are suitably compensated by the authorities.

The attorney will guide you through the legal land and will buildup your case with a thorough knowledge of the law, which is the best solution for you in these cases.  

Firm: Chasen Boscolo is a Washington DC workers compensation law firm

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