What Are The Most Common Amazon Delivery Truck Accident Causes?

What Are The Most Common Amazon Delivery Truck Accident Causes?

The growth of online shopping has created more accidents with truck deliveries, with Amazon deliveries being one of the major contributors. Truck accident attorneys outlined the most frequent accident types – and what to do about them.

What Are The Most Common Amazon Delivery Truck Accident Causes?

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Amazon has soared in popularity over the years with the ability to ship you just about anything you want and have it there fast. No matter what you order, it’s keeping the company busy as it tries to meet the ever-increasing demands presented by the new era of online shopping.

The downside to this boom for Amazon and other delivery truck companies is that there is now a greater chance for accidents with one of these vehicles. You may even wind up in a serious accident with an Amazon delivery truck just down the street from your own home.

What causes these Amazon truck crashes? You may be surprised to learn the reasons behind these accidents.

Why Do Amazon Delivery Truck Drivers Cause Accidents?

Most Amazon delivery truck crashes occur for the same reason other truck accidents do—driver error. It’s little surprise since these drivers are on the road for long hours and face extensive pressure to deliver on time.

According to Caputo & Van Der Walde, LLP, these are the most common causes behind these Amazon delivery truck accidents.


With tight schedules, many Amazon delivery drivers feel the heat and are compelled to exceed the speed limit to meet deadlines. Speeding is dangerous for any type of vehicle, but for these larger, heavier vehicles, the impact can cause life-threatening injuries.

Distracted Driving

Multi-tasking is part of what all delivery drivers need to do, though they should be parked at the time they’re looking up directions or responding to dispatch. Doing these tasks while the vehicle is in motion means they’re taking their eyes off the road, which can result in a crash.

Lack of Experience

Since demand is so high, Amazon and other trucking companies are constantly trying to get as many people as possible behind the wheel of their trucks to make deliveries. This means most of them lack the proper experience or training required to safely drive these vehicles.

Poor Fleet Maintenance

Amazon needs to keep the vehicles in its fleet maintained. They should be inspected at regular intervals to make sure the brakes, tires, and other integral parts are in proper working order. Neglecting to do so makes it more likely for a deadly accident to occur.

Driver Fatigue

The hours these drivers must work often lead to exhaustion and fatigue. Amazon is especially busy during the holiday season, and sadly, the results are often tragic.

What to Do After a Crash with an Amazon Delivery Truck

If you are hit by an Amazon delivery truck, call the police immediately and get emergency medical services on the scene to treat any injuries. Just because you don’t see blood gushing out doesn’t mean you’re not injured. You could have a traumatic brain injury or internal bleeding, which are common injuries in these types of accidents.

It’s also important to exchange information with the driver and any witnesses, as well as capture enough evidence through photos and videos. If you’re too injured to do so, an attorney can help ensure that evidence is gathered to support your claim.

In fact, accidents involving Amazon trucks can be far more complex than other types of crashes.

It is ideal that you speak with a personal injury attorney with experience representing victims of truck crashes as soon as possible.

Who Is Liable in a Crash with an Amazon Delivery Truck?

Things can get complicated quickly when trying to determine who is liable for an Amazon delivery truck crash. If you try to handle this yourself, you’ll not only have to suffer through your injuries but also feel as though you’re chasing your tail trying to get a straight answer.

Amazon doesn’t always have its own employees or even its own trucks to make the deliveries. Sometimes, it contracts other companies to make deliveries or another driver who is acting as an independent contractor.

Determining liability will usually require accident reconstruction to see what happened and who was at fault. This may reveal that the truck driver isn’t the only one liable. Amazon or a third-party delivery company may be responsible.

It may be found that the vehicle, parts manufacturer, or the truck maintenance facility was negligent and shares some fault in this accident, too. Even those who load the trucks and others involved in the delivery chain process may be to blame.

The only way to know for sure is to work with an attorney who will find out who is liable and make sure they are held responsible for your compensation. 

Source: Caputo & Van Der Walde LLP

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