What Is the Best ASMR Microphone and 13 of The Best ASMR Mics

What Is the Best ASMR Microphone and 13 of The Best ASMR Mics

Laura Pickens*  ASMR Microphones have been a great success since their release and have become a sensation as one of the more unusual entertainment developments in recent years.

Their sensitivity to capture voice and sounds is the ‘autonomous sensory meridian response’ that creates a pleasant and effective auditory response for listeners along with a sensitive, skin-tingling on the head, neck and upper back.

Many people listen to ASMR videos for instance because a good ASMR artist can create sensations that are helpful whether you are working, studying or attempting to sleep.

In order to catch those detailed, soft sounds the popular microphones for ASMR video will be condenser microphones that can get the ASMR effect with high sensitivity, rather than capturing the sort of sound captured by dynamic mics.

How to Choose the Best ASMR Microphone

For those wanting to get started using ASMR the actual technology used does not need to be top end. For instance, those seeking to use video

too can get the ASMR effect using quite basic video and microphone gear. Indeed for music and similar work some users and content users enjoy the more basic effect of ASMR recordings rather than using high-end microphones.

Keep in mind that there are effectively three types of microphone:

  • The dynamic, which are versatile and reliable and usually also inexpensive. they use a magnetic coil diaphragm that uses acoustic energy from the source of the sound that moves the coil within the microphone, producing the electrical signal and sound.
  • The condenser is a mic producing a stereo sound and is more sensitive than the dynamic and the sound eaves vibrate a thin metal strip of metal that moves a dense coil, producing a more hi fi crisp sound.
  • The ribbon mic is less common and also more fragile.

Cardioid Microphones and Condenser Microphones

Cardioid is a polar pattern that microphones used to pick up sound. It is the most common polar pattern and named cardioid because it resembles a heart, capturing sound from in front of the microphone rather than behind.

There are also bi-directional and omnidirectional microphones that capture sound in the different directions, the latter capturing 360 degrees sound.

It is not a question of comparing cardioid or condenser microphones when you’re looking for an excellent choice for your mic, because they are different and a very good ASMR microphone can be both a cardioid and a condenser mic, providing the ASMR experience you seek.

For those looking to use the AMSR effectively for podcasts for instance, there are a range of choices and a reasonable price range. The price range for those either looking to use from a home studio, or wanting to cut out unwanted noises, can work from under $100 to several thousand dollars.

Keep in mind you can get high-quality sound with an inexpensive type of microphone and you can start very inexpensively and move up the ‘mic chain’ later if you wish.

If you are looking to create the great, sensitive sound and effect you may want a microphone with a low background noise or one that works at higher frequencies. It very much depends on what you are going to be doing – are you podcasting, creating music videos, streaming?

You want a microphone that is great for ASMR and when selecting a microphone, sensitivity is often the most important factor in the world of AMSR. Condensers are often the best choice as they capture a wide range of frequencies.

You should choose a USB microphone, as it is the most simple and straightforward method. A USB microphone doesn’t require an extra device, and you don’t need to worry about stands or filters.

13 Top ASMR Microphones

Lets look at 13of the best ASMR Microphones that you can get at an affordable price, as well as some that are more expensive but providing the perfect ASMR microphone for your requirements.

1. Blue Yeti USB Microphone

This is a fantastic condenser microphone for streaming on YouTube. The microphone has simple connections since it uses USB. Many YouTube streamers and ASMR creators swear by it as one of the best mics for this use.

When used in omnidirectional mode the microphone is fuller and is the mic that is ideal for podcasting, streaming, YouTube video recording and so on.

The Polar Pattern is a professional audio mixer, but it is also a very useful tool for any home audio enthusiast. It costs around $100 and offers switchable polar patterns. You can choose between cardioid and omnidirectional patterns.

The Blue Yeti is a microphone that offers high quality audio. It is very versatile because of the switchable patterns and offers good quality making it particularly good for podcasts. As podcasts in marketing like legal marketing for the lawyers who read LawFuel we know that a quality mic like Blue Yeti can be extremely effective.

The Blue Yeti microphone is a favorite for the podcast use in particular, but any content creators.

2. HyperX Q-Cast

HyperX QuadCast is a USB microphone for gaming.

The built-in pop filter can reduce background noise and the Quadcast offer four different polar patterns, so it’s a very flexible mic coming in at around $150.

3. Sampson Go Portable

Sometimes regarded as the best cheap ASMR microphone, the Sampson Go Portable Samson Go Mic works as a portable USB microphone popular with both podcasters, streamers and musicians.

It is a simple solution to build audio quality that is compatible with Android devices and allowing USB connectivity.

4. AT2020 USB

The AT2020 is a cardioid microphone which has been on the market for about 15 years, offering very good sound quality and also ideal for ‘mobile use’ with the USB version.

As it costs around $150 the build quality and versatility combined with sound quality make this a high value for money mic.

The base microphone is cheaper, but don’t forget that you will need to purchase an XLR cable and a stand.

The AT2020 is great for online streaming. It is also perfect for recording.

5. NT1-A

The condenser microphone is low noise and captures sound in great detail. Although the microphone may not handle the same SPL leves as the NT1A, but it still provides a very good sound.

The NT1-A is a great quality headset that is shock resistant. The mic is ideal for vocals and is top quality that produces 5dB of self-noise, which is very low. But the machine is not just made for vocals and is robustly built with a built in shock mount.

6. Shure MV88+ Stereo Condenser

What Is the Best ASMR Microphone and 13 of The Best ASMR MicsThis is a stereo condenser microphone connecting to either iOS or Android and desktop devices. The mic has supplied lightning and USB-C cables and provides high quality, feature-rich features that links to your computer or iOS platforms.

The device accentuates the power of flexibility, enabling the ability to use any smartphone device into a professional-level mobile audio and video rig.

7. Audio-Technica AT2020

The AT2020 is an excellent cardioid condenser for around $100. It has very good quality and is a high value offer.

What Is the Best ASMR Microphone and 13 of The Best ASMR MicsThis is a very good all-rounder, ideal for a wide variety of applications and uses, including podcastings and music production.

Anyone who is moving into the ASMR arena needs an audio interface like the AT2020 which is capable and inexpensive, leaving funds for additional devices for your podcasts, music recordings and anything else.

8. K2 Condenser Mic – Rode

The Rode K2 Condenser Valve is a Premium Microphone, a multi-pattern tube microphone.

What Is the Best ASMR Microphone and 13 of The Best ASMR MicsIf you are looking for a headphone that does not distort, has great sound quality, and is compact, also producing good, warm sound and mainly used for music, where it is ideally suited to help with.

The device has a vacuum tube that lifts its signal and although the tube needs more power than the usual 48V Phantom Power, it does have its own external power supply.

9. Blue Snowball iCE Microphone

To make your video more affordable, this one is probably the best affordable ASMR microphone. It’s somewhat quirky, but as aa condenser microphone. It has a cardioid pattern and a retro feel. It is plug-and-play and doesn’t require anything extra to start recording.

This microphone is great for the price and it is very easy to use. Surprisingly perhaps it also produces particularly good sound for its price.

10. ZealAudio Microphone

ZealSound created this USB condenser microphone for all recording enthusiasts and is a great beginner mic and is one the omnidirectional microphones that is ideal for beginners. It works across a wide audio response and provides good quality sound.

It is made of durable metal and is a good recording quality for the price. It’s suitable for presentations, podcasts, zoom recordings, instant messaging and the like.

The cost is about $30.

11. Sennheiser MKH416

This is a high-end microphone, short gun tube microphone that is ideal for outside use with increased directivity and also ideal for increased background noise. It is popular for film and television use

The Polar H10 is an active cardioid polar path microphone that can be used in the right environment with background noise. It requires an external power source and XLR cable to work.

You can get it for around $900 a year.

12. 3Dio Pro 2


What Is the Best ASMR Microphone and 13 of The Best ASMR Mics3Dio FS PRO 2 is a very good quality microphone for ASMR. It is one of the most popular 3D ASMR mics in the world offering realistic sound and very low self-noise. This microphone is a must for ASMR creators who want to capture the surround sound, given that it captures high quality sound, acting like the ears on your camera.

The FS Pro 2 has a wide shape with ear-like structures on each side and the microphone and so act as the ears for a camera lens and capture a ‘surround sound’, 360 degree soundscape with a stereo signal. needs an external power source and is a great choice for any sound producers who want to produce high quality sounds popular 3D microphone for ASMR, VR virtual reality, field recording and recording studios.

These devices record binaural audio and effectively mimic your own, human hearing so you can pick up the sound of birds singing, planes flying, dogs barking.

If you’ve ever watched an ASMR video, chances are good you’ve seen a 3Dio microphone used to create countless tingles. Over the years, hundreds of ASMR artists have turned to 3Dio microphones to create some of the best ASMR videos on the internet.

You will need to spend about $2000 on a microphone and so more expensive, but also very high quality and versatile for its use.

13. Marantz Microphone – The MPM-2000U

This is a condenser microphone and very good for those who are familiar with ‘condenser mics’ or ‘phantom mics’, as the value for money and quality is excellent. It produces top sound, is soundly constructed and is more affordable than the other picks at around $100.

The MPM-2000U comes with a USB cable and a shock mount and is another device that’s ideal for podcasting or for high quality audio recording to a computer or to a digital audio workstation (DAW).

It costs around $100

ASMR Mic Conclusion

Remember that you can buy some top quality ASMR microphones for a very low and competitive price and still retain some top value in terms of sound quality.  Much will depend upon what you are looking to achieve with your work or play.  Let us know what we have missed.


Laura Pickens is a freelance technology writer who specializes in tech, software and mobile apps that can be used for business and pleasure, including in the legal marketing arena.  She has previously written for LawFuel on marketing technology issues.

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