Women, Jobs & COVID

Women, Jobs & COVID 2
Women, Jobs & COVID 3

Linda Clark – Dentons Kensington Swan – The COVID-19 upheaval has already claimed many jobs. While borders remain closed, everyone whose income relies in some way on tourism faces the toughest of times.

The impact on other parts of the economy may not be as severe (yet) as first predicted but doubtless employers and employees alike are looking ahead with teeth clenched. But as unfolding events in Australia show, there may still be more pain to come.

Economic downturns tend to disproportionately disadvantage women and, the Ministry for Women reports, that has held true for COVID-19. It points to the overrepresentation of women – and in particular young, Māori, and Pasifika women – in sectors that have taken the largest hits.

Linda Clark explores what can be done and whether current economy recovery policies offer women as much protection from unemployment as they do men?

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