How Am I Approved For Work Related Injury Disability Claim?

work injury accident

work injury UK Law News – Getting injured at workplace is a common scenario that many employees have to face the world over. Usually when an employee gets injured on the job, he can claim for medical expenses which are required to be paid by the employer, along with loss of wage.

In such a case it is important to consult an attorney specializing in workers’ compensation. Some people seek medical treatment after suffering from injuries; however it will not be beneficial in case you are looking for compensation for the injuries you have received. That is why following the suggestions of a good attorney can make sure that you are able to receive the benefits which you deserve owing to your work related injuries.
In order to get approved for work related injury disability claim, notifying your employer is the first step. Although a time period of thirty days is allowed to report your injury, however prompt reporting is a good way to avoid any delays caused during processing.

Next, while getting treated for your injuries, ensure to notify the clinic as well that your treatment is for work related injuries. It is better to ask your employer if he can recommend any doctor, in case it is not possible then you can visit your family doctor, however make sure to ask for permission from your employer first.
Then you need to fill and submit a form, through which you can apply for workers’ compensation. The form contains general information, such as your details, the nature of the injury and treatment you have undergone. It is recommended to keep a copy of the form with you, before submitting it, as it can prove useful later.
Many cities and regions have their own worker’s compensation boards, which can ask you for a second examination. This is a crucial step in getting approved for disability claim, as the amount of compensation you receive will be determined by the outcome of the medical assessments.

After completing this step, a notice will be sent to you, stating whether your claim has been approved or denied. This notice can take anywhere between two or three weeks to reach, from the day when you filed the claim.
If your claim is approved then you can be assured of receiving the compensation amount. However, in case your claim gets denied, then you can request for a hearing.

The instructions regarding the hearing will be mentioned in the denial notice that you will receive or you can also reach accident advice helpline to get detailed information.

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