The Wonderful World of Lawcraft Law Job Opportunity

The Wonderful World of Lawcraft Law Job Opportunity


The Wonderful World of Lawcraft Law Job OpportunityLaw jobs come and law jobs go . . but fortunately there are some industries that are creating more opportunities for lawyers than others.  One of them is the $100 billion gaming industry, for instance.

Like the entertainment and sports businesses, the burgeoning gaming industry creates a vast array of legal work – ranging from intellectual property, contracts, financing, professional esports that can play to sold-out arenas, which in turn has created player agents’ and lawyers’ roles.

An article in Chapman University’s blog recently outlined the legal opportunities presented by the booming gaming business.

Among the attendees were two Fowler alumni who have found careers in the video game industry: Jack Anderson (JD ’15) and Kaitlin Peterson (JD/MBA ’16).

The article referenced graduates Jack Anderson and Kaitlin Peterson who are lawyers at Blizzard Entertainment, a game developer and publisher which produces games like World of Warcraft and Overwatch. 

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They found their way to the company after taking a course on video game law that the university offered and found there was an entire career opportunity there.

The Wonderful World of Lawcraft Law Job Opportunity

Jack Anderson

Kaitlin Peterson (JD '16)

Kaitlin Peterson

“I played video games, but I’d never considered it as a legal field,” Anderson said. “Lo and behold, I take the class, and it has it all — IP law and transactional law, plus sports law and esports.”

Anderson handles various types of contracts and recently worked on a production deal involving a tournament that would be filmed and broadcast, with the finals staged in an arena.

Peterson, who completed dual JD and MBA degrees a year after Anderson, also got her start at Blizzard through Roeder as a legal intern before working elsewhere in the legal field. But she told the company she was eager to come back and returned as soon as there was an opening for an associate counsel.

“I was originally interested in sports, and that’s still definitely one of my big interests,” Peterson said. “But as I started learning a little more about entertainment, I saw how close sports and entertainment are.”


The expectations for continued growth in the gaming industry are huge, with opportunities across multiple territories and providing multiple opportunities for lawyers to focus on the business as a law job opportunity that could hardly have been envisaged even a few short years ago.

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