Zylpha Announces Legal Practice Automation System

Zylpha (www.zylpha.com), the UK’s leading innovator of legal document production and distribution has launched a system that automates the administration, compliance and communication processes of legal practices. The system comprises a suite of powerful new tools which integrate a practice’s case management systems with both its governance procedures and the distribution of external communications. In addition, the new system has been designed to integrate seamlessly with industry standard case management products such as Solcase® and Visualfiles®.

In addition to the core practice management system, the new solution also includes a comprehensive application toolbox containing the very latest legal sector applications available. These include:

– Integration with the Ministry of Justice RTA (Road Traffic Accident) Claims Portal

– Automated Access to the HMCS Possession Claims Portal (containing in-depth information on mortgage and possession claims)

– Integration to the Call Credit and GB Systems online identity verification solutions to thwart money laundering

– Application of the Ascertus KwikTag scanning solution to route documentation through to the case management files

– Redaction Tools to blank out information, changes and hidden data from electronic documents

– Integration with Post Code Address Solutions (on a pay per click basis)

– Secure Document Delivery through the Safedrop delivery solution, direct from case management files and Court Document Bundles

By using the new system coupled with its related applications, practices can derive new levels of efficiency and productivity. The system also reduces any need for environmentally unsound paper based systems and ensures the highest possible standards of professionalism and compliance.

The system is backed by a full support package including: technical implementation, software upgrades and legislation updates. Users can also access fixed rate consultancy to cover tailoring, enhancements, training and maintenance.

As Tim Long CEO of Zylpha notes, “We were always working towards a complete practice management solution but interestingly, it is the demand from our clients which has brought this about far earlier than we had originally intended. The enormously positive response from the profession to our existing electronic communication products was recognition, by law firms, that we have enabled them to take a genuine leap forward in the governance and compliance of secure document distribution. It is a natural development, therefore, that we should build upon this market driven momentum by launching a holistic practice management solution.

“This new package, therefore, confirms our commitment to translate the wishes of our clients into solutions that deliver significant business benefits. This success in the market has also allowed us to create an excellent working relationship with the leading case management suppliers such as Lexis Nexis, Pilgrim and Peppermint. Consequently, we are continually researching new areas where we can extend the product within the legal profession.”

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