How Small Law Firms Can Benefit From Virtual Law Office Technology

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In a white paper created with small law firms or solo practitioners in mind, attorney Jared Correia explains why it makes sense for solo attorneys and small law firms to embrace today’s virtual law office technology in an increasingly mobile world.

The white paper, Mobile in Practice: The Benefits of a Virtual Law Firm, describes how today’s virtual lawyers benefit from cloud-based virtual law office software in a number of ways, including:

The cost benefits of moving to a virtual law practice;
List of tools needed for a successful virtual law office; and
Benefits and features of a practice management solution.

Small law firms and solo attorneys can see how they can benefit from cloud-based virtual law office software in a number of ways — from cost savings to work-life balance — and why it makes sense to pursue virtual law office technology.

The white paper also analyzes the operations of a virtual law practice to demonstrate why small law firms should leverage mobile technology to strengthen their practices.


The definition of “virtual practice” is still evolving — and that’s a good thing. It means that attorneys can form their own definitions that work for their firms. Such autonomy is an advantage for smaller businesses. They can go all the way or just part of the way. Each attorney can define what it means to practice “in the cloud.”

Lawyers typically rely on precedent to make their arguments, but the virtual practice of law is unprecedented. This presents a rare opportunity for solo attorneys and small firms to pave their own roads.

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