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Charles Manson’s Failed Parole Bid

By on June 6, 2014

It’s Charles Manson parole time again, evidently.  But arguably the most famous killer in any American jail, and most anywhere else as well, has described himself as “a very dangerous man.”

His release, in other words, is not imminent.  In fact, he’s been denied parole as a result of the brag to a prison psychologist.

Now 77, Manson has been denied parole for the 12th time after being sentenced in 1969 for seven murders following his “Helter Skelter” killings by the ‘Manson Family’ and Manson himself

ABC reported:  “This panel can find nothing good as far as suitability factors go,” said John Peck, a member of the panel that met at Corcoran State Prison in central California for the hearing, according to a pool report from the Associated Press.

Peck read aloud some comments Manson had recently said to one of his prison psychologists.

“I’m special. I’m not like the average inmate,” Peck read. “I have spent my life in prison. I have put five people in the grave. I am a very dangerous man.”

“This panel agrees with that statement,” Peck said.

Today could have been Manson’s last chance for freedom since the California Department of Corrections set Manson’s next hearing for 15 years from now. Manson would be 92 by then.

Manson, true to form, did not attend the hearing.

“He has not shown up for several of his latest hearings, since 1997,” California Department of Corrections spokesman Luis Patino told before the hearing began. “He told his counselor that he did not plan on attending.”

Manson has been less than a model inmate. He has violated several rules in the five years since his last parole hearing, Calif. Department of Corrections spokeswoman Terry Thornton told

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