14. Jeremy Salmond

14. Jeremy Salmond 2
14. Jeremy Salmond 3

Jeremy Salmond heads The Treasury’s legal department as Legal and Business Services manager and is a key figure in deploying legal resources both within the public sector and to outside firms.  

His role leading the legal team is central to the Treasury’s success, as well as residing significant power within his hands so far as the all important “legals” on major government deals are concerned.

Major floats and restructuring have previously involved those like  Solid Energy, IPOs for Mighty River, Genesis and Meridian and major infrastructure funding including the Christchurch restructuring.

Major concerns over DHB finances and other issues have created significant Treasury involvement, along with providing policy and transaction advice.  Apart from the legal team he also handles business services and ministerial advisory work.

With a relatively small team of under 10, the group work with the all of government panel and their selection of a team for a procurement deal or anything else can have major repercussions for law firms.  

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