5 Trends in Law Firm Web Design That Every Lawyer Should Know

5 Trends in Law Firm Web Design That Every Lawyer Should Know

Karin Conroy*

5 Trends in Law Firm Web Design That Every Lawyer Should KnowWebsite design styles change so often, it is difficult to keep up with the trends and new technology.

There are a few new trends that have begun playing a major role in law firm websites that we expect to continue to see in law firms that are looking to set themselves apart and present themselves as cutting edge.

Here are five of the biggest web design trends law firms should be noticing:


More websites are using animation features than ever before. Scroll-triggered animations, for example, are extremely popular, as are animations triggered by clicking menus and links. So long as these animations do not interfere with the performance of the website, they can add a feeling of professionalism and modernity.


Speaking of performance, web developers in the next year will be more focused than ever on maximizing a website’s performance and efficiency. Law firms should focus on making good use of negative space, responsive designs and collapsible menus, while using easily read fonts and ensuring all their links work properly.


Many browsers are cracking down on website security. On Google Chrome, for example, a website that does not have a security certificate (https) will be labeled in the URL bar as “not secure,” and some sites may be blocked altogether for their lack of security. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for web designers to get their security certificates so their search engine rankings and performance are not negatively affected.

The design of your website should help you tell people why your firm exists

Brand storytelling:

While most people consider brand storytelling to be a content marketing endeavor, it also affects website design. The design of your website should help you tell people why your firm exists, what motivates your team of attorneys to come to work every single day and the kinds of benefits your firm can give to its clients.

The Internet of Things:

Digital connectivity across devices is becoming more and more popular, and we expect to see all types of businesses find new, innovative ways to connect people and their devices

Beware of the “do it yourself” mentality

As web design and content marketing become more and more sophisticated and high-tech, it is important that people resist the urge to perform these tasks themselves, unless they have sufficient training in those areas.

You might be able to find a simple website template from WordPress, for example, but you will not be able to develop custom functionality for your firm’s specific needs without the assistance of a skilled designer.

Lawyers often have difficulty writing the content for their site that is unique, different from their typical legal writing, and in line with their brand’s story.

Not only does it take time away from other, more important tasks, but lawyers also do not typically have the kind of training in writing copy that forms a connection with clients while also informing them.

We recommend hiring a content writer who is well versed in the fine balance of marketing, storytelling, and professionalism that builds trust and a connection with the audience.

If you want to stay on the cutting edge of web design and digital marketing, it is important you seek the assistance of a skilled, trustworthy professional. The investment pays dividends in saving time, being more impactful, and resonating with your visitors.

5 Trends in Law Firm Web Design That Every Lawyer Should KnowAuthor Bio:  Karin Conroy: Karin Conroy  earned her MBA degree at the University of California and began working on websites when the internet was young. She became known for her design sense and became the the Director of Marketing for the largest Century 21 in the world, managing the marketing team for over 2,000 agents in digital, print, and traditional media.  She started Conroy Creative Counsel and has developed over 200 law industry sites, as well as writing for as a staff writer for Lawyerist(9+ years) and Attorney at Work. She is also the founder of Jarvis Law Sites, a website builder for law firms.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Karin, this advice seems to even be useful for any business not specifically law firms. I found that with all our clients supplying the content is by far the most difficult thing for them to do in a new web design project. I would also recommend to find professionals to help as you mentioned.

  2. Lawyers should also be aware of outrageous pricing because some web designers think that their budgets are limitless. Here at SiteSwan, we equip our resellers with all the tools and designer-crafted Themes to make sure that law firms can get affordable solutions and still achieve great results.

  3. Great article! Especially the information about possible DIY. Building a good website is a huge undertaking. I built mine some years ago using some very affordable software but it took me countless hours to get to the finished product. I saved a ton of money and can make changes anytime I want but the opportunity cost in terms of the time expended was immense. Because of the opportunity cost, I think that any lawyer thinking of building a website should seriously consider hiring someone to help them or to do it for them.

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