EVA Enters AI Market To Help Lawyers For Free

EVA Enters AI Market To Help Lawyers For Free

We all know that artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly making its mark on the law business.  But the value of the new technology is now becoming more competitive with one of the first AI Attorney products – ROSS – introducing a new, free AI tool for lawyers.

EVA Enters AI Market To Help Lawyers For Free

The new tool, EVA, is a brief analyzer using machine learning to effectively become smarter the more it is used.

EVA Enters AI Market To Help Lawyers For Free
Andrew Arruda

ROSS co-founder and CEO Andrew Arruda said on his blog that he wanted to provide tangible evidence for lawyers as to the benefits of AI.

I heard from attending and speaking at events like Legaltech Week that lawyers were tired of the hype behind AI and wanted concrete examples of AI in practice — which was a challenge I’ll admit I gladly encouraged our engineers to take on! It’s because of this new desire to see concrete and widely available applications for AI in law that I think we’ll look back on the release of EVA as the beginning of a sea change in legaltech. As the leader of AI in the legal space, we’re honored to have this opportunity to open up a tech vertical that has been closed off for so long.

ROSS is no the first AI tool handling legal research, with tools like Casetext’s CARA, which was an American Association of Law Libraries 2017 product of the year, as well as Judicata.

Legal writer and software reviewer Robert Ambrogi’s LawSitesBlog discussed the details of EVA, noting that it was


.. is more than that. Most notably, it is also a tool for checking the subsequent history of cited cases and determining if they are still good law, in the vein of  the LexisNexis Shepard’s and Thomson Reuters KeyCite. It also can be used to find other cases that are similar to a given case or to find cases that have similar language or that contain the same quotes.

With new AI products being released with increasing frequency, such as this week’s announcement from Berkeley permitting lawyers to search through evidence using an AI tool, the need to compare and use AI is something lawyers will be increasingly focused upon.

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