Airport Lawyers Site Set Up Fast To Help Trump-Ban Travellers

Airport Lawyers Site Set Up Fast To Help Trump-Ban Travellers 2


Volunteer lawyers have moved into one of the hottest new areas of law practice – assisting travelers affected by the Trump travel ban.  A new website set up by lawyers and software developers has been attracting business from those affected by the so-called ‘Muslim ban’.

Airport Lawyer lets users to check out information about people targeted by the ban  with the site’s information able to be shared with lawyers who can be available at the airport to assist arrivals.

A press release is here details the site’s services and set-up.

Trump’s executive order temporarily barred refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, which has lead to judicial setbacks for the President.  Though Trump’s order was stayed, some travelers have been detained for lenghty periods of time at a number of U.S. airports.

“Two of the scariest things for people waiting at the airport are not knowing what’s going on with their loved ones, and if something is going on, not knowing what to do about it,” said one of the lawyers who worked on the website, Takao Yamada, in an interview with the Washington Post. “We can help them find out and get them some help.”

Airport Lawyers’ project lead Greg McLawsen, is a Seattle-area immigration lawyer,who  told the Post how the website got started.

McLawsen said he got a message from a colleague at legal data-management company Clio about how the company could help. Clio has previously donated access to its legal software to volunteer lawyers, and it was receiving inquires about a secure intake form to organize points of contact with volunteer groups.

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