Another “Name-on-the-Door” Partner Out at Imploding Pierce Bainbridge Law Firm

Another “Name-on-the-Door” Partner Out at Imploding Pierce Bainbridge Law Firm 2

Dan GarnerPierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht LLP, previously self-proclaimed as the “Fastest Growing Law Firm in the History of the World,” is in an unprecedented free-fall. 

The BraunHagey & Borden LLP Boys Exit

Among the departures are Franklin Velie (formerly of Sullivan & Worcester) and Jonathan Kortmansky (formerly of Sullivan & Worcester). Kortmansky landed  at BraunHagey & Borden LLPDouglas Curran (formerly of Covington & Burling) also left and joined Kortmansky. 

With the departure of Beck, the second name-partner out within a week (David L. Hecht was the first), around twenty partners have quit Pierce Bainbridge in the last several months. 

Former Pierce Bainbridge partner Don Lewis, who has a lawsuit pending naming Curran as an individual defendant, remarked:  

“Douglas Curran was John Pierce’s right-hand man; Doug knew what was going on, but rather than fulfill his obligations under the Rules of Professional Conduct, Curran, like the rest of my former partners, was complicit in Pierce’s egregious misconduct. It appears Doug’s only concern was his paycheck.”

As for finances, Curran is one of the $9.1 Million Crew who appears on UCC filings as “liable” for the $9,157,072.95 default declared by litigation funder Pravati Capital LLC.  While that debt has been cured, it stands to reason that Pierce Bainbridge is in substantial arrears to whatever entity or entities – potentially one located in Texas – has been funding the firm in a rob Paul to pay Peter fashion.  

The “Pierce misbehavior” referenced by Lewis is captured in the written commentary of firm personnel opining on misogyny, substance abuse, disloyalty, dishonesty and potentially criminal financial misconduct.  

Conduct and Capabilities

Departed partner Carolynn Beck has been under fire from Lewis’s lawsuits against the firm, dozens of its partners, as well as Littler Mendelson (S. Jeanine Conley) and Putney Twombly (Michael D. Yim). 

According to Lewis’s complaint, both Beck and Hecht frequently sought advice from John Pierce’s “closest confidante” and non-attorney Lauren Schaefer-Green (also a defendant in a Lewis lawsuit). .    

Stewardship of the Firm’s Attorneys

The scarcity of positive case results and current real-time implosion are reasons enough to call Beck’s tenure as General Counsel into question at the firm.    

A sampling of issues involving LaVigne is damning:

  • Lewis has produced text messages in which LaVigne advises Pierce should be “reported” for financial foul play and  “guaranteeing” Pierce would “ignore” the firm’s tax obligations.”
  • LaVigne was accused by a Los Angeles attorney of perpetrating a fraud in connection with settlement negotiations – a claim that was not pursued.    (A screenshot of the concluding portion of LaVigne’s e-mail is below)
Another “Name-on-the-Door” Partner Out at Imploding Pierce Bainbridge Law Firm 9
  • A Los Angeles judge in the same case filed the “the Court’s own motion . . . as to why sanctions should not be imposed . . . for [a Pierce Bainbridge client’s]  failure to comply with a Court order;” it appears from LaVigne’s affidavit that the firm was “unprepared” for a hearing. LaVigne handled the matter with recently promoted partner Dan Terzian (aka “Chief Emoji Officer”).  
  • One-month later, Pierce Bainbridge, LaVigne and Terzian withdrew as counsel in the same Los Angeles case.

Similarly, around a week ago, a client filed a motion in a California federal case seeking to substitute counsel for Pierce Bainbridge attorneys Tom Warren, John Pierce, Carolynn Beck, Doug Curran and Dan Dubin

The California hits have been steady, in October 2019, in a case involving former major league baseball star Lenny Dykstra, a Los Angeles state court judge found Pierce Bainbridge, including its new Managing Partner Tom Warren, to have violated the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Notwithstanding a clear picture of a firm imploding in real-time, over thirty attorneys having jumped ship ethical failings, severe dysfunction, and a  recent lawsuits coming from a lender, another lawsuit from a Philadelphia attorney, as well as Lewis’s two lawsuits, LaVigne and Pierce Bainbridge filed a complaint on behalf Payward, Inc. d/b/a Kraken just last week in California federal court.  

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