Can Ashley Wagner Change the Anti-Gay Law? Nope.

Can Ashley Wagner Change the Anti-Gay Law? Nope. 2

Could figure skater Ashley Wagner help reconfigure Russia’s anti-gay law?

Probably not, but she appears to be giving it a good try.

The two-time national champion has been one of the few US competitors at the Sochi Olympics to speak out against the anti-gay laws.

She told a reporter she loved the “very rainbow” colors chosen for the colorful Sochi venue.

Wagner has previously been told to tone down her pro-LGBT stance after a US Olympic summit, but the athlete has continued to voice her strong support for the LGBT community in Russia. “I stand by what I’ve said before. I’m an athlete here at the games, there’s only so much I can do,” she said. “But I believe in equality for all. You’re born with the right to be as equal as anyone else.”

Wagner has shown poor performances up until her US Championships last month when she came fourth, but has worked hard to get back onto top form.

As for her attempts to orchestrate or affect Russia’s anti-gay law.  That just may amount to some more slippery offerings from an athlete who has the ability to both disappoint and amaze all in one.

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