James Cameron Wins “Avatar” Lawsuit – Again

James Cameron Wins "Avatar" Lawsuit - Again 2

Writers and other creative artist often find themselves the subject of litigation, particularly if their works are super-successful like “Avatar” creator James Cameron.

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Cameron has just won the fourth lawsuit this year with a Judge in New York throwing out a copyright infringement lawsuit buy a litigant who created album covers for groups like “Yes” and “Uriah Heep”. He claimed his fantasy artwork inspired Avatar, according to Deadline.
“The similarities of each such work are substantial, continuing, and direct so as to rule out any accidental copying or similarity in scenes common to the genre,” the $50 million suit alleged. Judge Jesse Furman of the Southern District of New York disagreed and dismissed the suit, which named Cameron, 20th Century Fox and Lightstorm Entertainment as defendants. Dean claimed the look of the 2009 film was derived from his images of floating mountains and the like, but the court found no substantial similarity.

Three other Avatar-related suits also have bitten the dust in the past 11 months. Eric Ryder, who claimed that Cameron had used his ideas in the film, saw his case get the boot in October. Ryder later tried to get the judge removed, but that effort also failed.

Then in January, Cameron won a $2.5 billion case brought by sci-fi writer Bryant Moore, who accused the filmmaker of infringing on his copyright. And a Canada-based lawsuit by writer and restaurateur Emil Malak, who alleged that the highest-grossing film of all time copied elements of his script Terra Incognita, was thrown out in March.

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