Your Best Bets for Area of Practice in New York City

Your Best Bets for Area of Practice in New York City


newyorkcity-lawfuelLegal opportunities abound for lawyers in New York City, the largest metropolitan region in the United States. The city that never sleeps needs the watchful eye and counsel of attorneys in all areas of practice.

Whether you’re a law student wanting to find your legal niche or a licensed attorney wanting to change your area of practice, look no farther than NYC. While there are many areas of practice, the following are among the most prevalent in the Big Apple.

Real Estate

Since New York is one of the largest cities in the world, it stands to reason that those who want to buy and sell land, commercial buildings, and rental and residential properties will need legal assistance. A NYC real estate lawyer will guide buyers and sellers through this complex process. Attorneys should be knowledgeable of city and state real estate laws, general business law, and have connections with real estate firms and title companies.

Whether your clients purchase a skyscraper or a shopping center, sharp negotiating skills and strong advocacy for your clients’ rights are a plus in this practice area. Real estate opportunities in NYC are endless, as is the work for NYC real estate lawyers.

Construction Law

Construction is among several areas in the private sector experiencing gains. For instance, the industry gained 5,700 jobs in May 2013, nearly three times the number that is typical for the month, according to the New York State Department of Labor’s statistics for Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens and Richmond Counties. The department’s data further shows that mining and construction gained more than 6,600 jobs for the 12-month period ending June 2013. As the construction industry grows, so does the need for New York construction  attorney firms. Construction law is one of the most successful areas of practice in NYC.

Construction lawyers work with developers, contractors, building owners and others and perform a wide range of tasks that includes resolving conflicts through litigation and mediation, advising them about the bid process, change orders, insurance claims, worker’s wages, contracts, and many other subjects. Knowledge of the inner workings of construction and engineering is a plus.

Personal injury law

With a population estimated at 8.2 million, there’s bound to be injuries and accidents in NYC. While the construction industry continues its job gains, construction work can be a dangerous job. The number of construction workers’ deaths rose from six in 2011, to 21 in 2012, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, which cited building collapses, falls and falling debris as the cause of death.

Personal injury attorneys help those who have been harmed or the survivors of workers who have died due to someone elses negligence. Personal injury is not just limited to the construction industry. WIth the hustle and bustle on NYC’s streets and sidewalks, there are many slip-and-falls, vehicle crashes and accidents involving pedestrians. Some NYC personal accident attorneys focus their practice on representing visitors and residents injured or killed by NYC taxi cabs and limousines.

Taking the time to research these and other areas of law in NYC will be worthwhile, especially if you want to relocate your practice to NYC. While it may look daunting, with patience and determination, your legal career can expand and thrive in NYC.

Freelance author, artist, and former New Yorker, Molly Pearce regularly addresses the subjects of human rights and the law in her work. She shares this article to provide some insight on the NYC legal climate to interested readers, particularly budding legal professionals. Research for this post was collected in part from, the website of one busy New York construction law firm.


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