“Better Call Saul” . . And How Lawyers Can Use YouTube to Market

"Better Call Saul" . . And How Lawyers Can Use YouTube to Market 2

You know all the cringe-making (and some totally amazing) television advertisements for lawyers – the “Better Call Saul”-style screaming ad.   Well YouTube has given them a further life and has focused the attention of many lawyers upon the value of this dynamic and powerful marketing tool.

Social media and lawyers are a combo made in hell rather than heaven, many might think.

But considering the YouTube growth and metrics its something that should be central to any law firm seeking a high presence on the market, particularly if their budget is limited and they’re looking for a powerful way to create business and develop their law firm brand.

After all, lawyers are there to generate results for clients and that doesn’t mean spending countless (well, counted, actually) but UNPAID hours hunting through social media to find “updates”, “likes” and other such detail that is best left to teens and twenty-somethings working for social media agencies.

Consider the fact, for instance, that 5 billion of the world’s seven billion people actually with mobile phones and an internet connection. And many are catching YouTube (details below).

Many more of them have money, are in trouble, needing a divorce lawyer, a personal injury lawyer, a business lawyer or whomever.

By John Bowie, LawFuel Publisher.

Or even Saul – check him out and continue to read the YouTube facts  you need to know.

And where are you? And your firm?

On Facebook (close to one billion users)?

On YouTube? (over 1 billion unique users each month)?

On Twitter? (over 230 million and 500 million “tweets” a day)?

On Instagram? (over 200 million monthly users)?

You get the picture, right?

There is more social media and social interaction than any other form of communication occurring daily.

But consider the YouTube Phenomenon

The rise of Facebook, Twitter and other social networks has accelerated the growth of YouTube as it enables discovery and sharing of online video.

Look at  some key facts and then think about how your law firm marketing can benefit by using YouTube in a manner that will help elevate profile and generate business.

Consider these facts:

  • 500 years of YouTube video are watched every day on Facebook alone.
  • Every minute there are more than 700 YouTube videos shares via Twitter Over 100 million people every week take some social action via YouTube, such as comments, shares, likes etc.
  • Several million subscriptions occur on YouTube every day, permitting access to activities of those in whom you’re interested.
  • More than half of all the videos on YouTube have received ratings or comments and millions are “favorited” every day

YouTube’s Geographic Spread

YouTube has 39 locations in 54 languages and in 2011 alone enjoyed more than 1 trillion views.

It is viewed globally constantly and at an ever-increasing rate.  While there is clearly the dross, the banal, the weird and the like.  There is also the informative, the relevant, the compelling.

And there is the major opportunity for lawyers to market themselves using YouTube – quickly, inexpensively, easily.

Monthly YouTube

  • More than 3 billion hours of YouTube is watched every month.
  • Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month
  • More videos are uploaded to YouTube in one month than the three US television networks have made in 60 years.

Daily YouTube

  • Every day there are 4 billions videos viewed

YouTube by the Minute

  • 60 hours of YouTube is uploaded every minute.

Second-by-second, day-by-day YouTube grows and its influence becomes more profilic and the ability to generate revenues, publicity and to entertain and inform continues.

It is, in many respects, an ideal platform for the lawyer who can speak and provide a platform that is socially pervasive and, with a little creativity, highly effective and even viral.

Bear in mind that many hundreds of advertisers now use YouTube and almost 100 of AdAge’s top 100 advertisers have run YouTube campaigns or have used the Google display network for advertising.

Furthermore, YouTube mobile is receiving over 600 million daily views with mobile traffic having tripled since 2011.

All these figures are impressive.

They can even be overwhelming but for those thinking that creating a YouTube video is an expensive and time-consuming exercise, then simply take a look at what is on offer in many of the videos on the network.

A smart, savvy and effective YouTube video can be made amazingly inexpensively and for those not wishing on camera experiences, a voice-over with a power point is effective, helping to generate increased social media presence and marketing buzz about your firm.

Check the infographic below and think carefully about whether you’re “Calling Saul” or doing something really smart with your law firm marketing.

"Better Call Saul" . . And How Lawyers Can Use YouTube to Market 3



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