Bieber Faces Deportation and Major Legal Issues

Bieber Faces Deportation and Major Legal Issues 2

justin-bieber-arrest-lawfuelJustin Bieber, the Canadian-born songster, risks deportation following his arrest in Miami on DUI charges

Bieber was released on bail of $2,500 following a morning in jail at Miami-Dade following his arrest while reportedly drag racing along a Miami Beach street before dawn.

Bieber was clad in an orange jail jumpsuit when he made his court appearance before Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge with his hair coiffed and he listened as his bail was set for the misdemeanor charge.

Bieber was released from jail and waved to fans following the 4am arrest.

Born in London, Ontairio, 19 year old Bieber lives now in Los Angeles and has recently received publicity over an alleged egg-throwing incident involving his LA neighbour.  His DUI arrest in Miami involved a rented Lamborghini which he alleged drag raced with a red Ferrari, believed to have been driven by rhythm and blues singer Khalil, who was also arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Miami Police Chief Raymond Martinez said Bieber was tested, and acknowledged that he been smoking marijuana and drinking beer as well as taking a prescription medicine.He also said Bieber was using an invalid Georgia driver’s licence, to add to the singer’s woes.

The problems for Bieber could be major.

The LA Times reported that Bieber could face deportation among other penalties.

The Times quoted immigration attorney Stacy Tolchin, who said he was headed down a “bad path” with immigration law issues among others.

Tolchin said a nonpermanent resident can get kicked out of the U.S. if found guilty of a felony capable of bringing a sentence longer than a year in prison; even if someone is sentenced to less than a year in prison on such a charge, they could still be deported.

Of Bieber’s Miami Beach charges, Tolchin said, “All that stuff, obviously it’s not good, but it’s not going to be a violation of his status. Let’s say if it’s assault, a felony assault, and he’s convicted; that’s a big problem.”

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