11 Tips on Successfully Dating a Lawyer (That You Never Read Before)


Ella Daniels – Dating lawyers is not something to be done lightly for more reasons than any of us might think, but we recently came across an article in law jobs site LawCrossings that caught our eye.

The problem is that of the 11 tips, only four –  five at most –   made any real sense to us.

It provided the 11 top tips on dating lawyers, apparently based on expert interviews from those who know about such matters, including lawyers.

But work out which of the tips are those that you could live by and which are simply giving in to someone whose yet to get his or her around having a workable relationship.

The 11 ‘Lawyer Dating’ Tips You Need to Know

1. Raise Your Awareness – aka ‘Get Used to It’

If you go in with a high level of awareness and can keep adjusting how you deal with the pressures, you’ll manage better in the end.

Law is a high pressure business, so get ready for the pressures it will bring if you’re about to embark on a legal career.  As if we didn’t know.

Dating lawyers means raising your level of awareness of this simple fact, so wake up and smell the stress. This is a pressure business and lawyer dating requires that you know that fact. Case closed.

2. Admire – aka ‘Leave ’em to it

An odd one really, but here the suggestion is that lawyers earn big money doing a hard job and “sometimes you just have to leave them alone and let them get on to it.”

We’re not sure if that’s a tip exactly, or just an observation on a tough-ass job. Either way, the whole lawyer dating scene depends on giving them enough rope – not to hang themselves, but to deal with the job they have to do.

3. Get a Life – aka ‘Find other things to do’

Lawyer dating requires some commitment, but it also involves having the ability to also do ‘other things’, showing you are a well rounded person who has the ability to think, work and play outside the square. Lawyers like that – even dating lawyers.

Well, we don’t know what sort of commitment that is to making the relationship work, but hobbies are generally good and having what they call “structured activities” are also good so long as the relationship is structured properly as well.

Bonus Tip:  
We like hard facts
So if you think there’s a chance in hell we’re one of those people you can just float along ‘seeing’ for months and months, then think again. We want an actual relationship status and an anniversary date for the diary. Minimum.

11 Tips on Successfully Dating a Lawyer (That You Never Read Before) 3

4. Get a Dog – aka ‘Find a real friend’

Look, we love dogs, but when you’re looking to build a relationship with someone, why are you also buying a dog, unless it’s a way to meet people and have them admire your cuddly four-legged friend when you’re really intent on cuddling your two-legged one.

5. Keep Your Own Company – aka ‘Only the Lonely’

“Be confident doing things alone -eating, shopping, catching a movie.”

Well, it’s getting depressing now because the tips all relate to being alone, or walking your new dog.  And loneliness was not part of the deal, even if you do have a wealthy lawyer in a so-called relationship.

6. Set Ground Rules – aka ‘Division of Labor’

A heavy workload doesn’t absolve your loved one of all responsibilities . .  Divide chores, and even stick a chart on the fridge detailing who does what -dorky, yes, but effective.

Work out a statement of expectations that each person can set priorities around. This includes time for each other. Plan a 15-minute phone conversation every afternoon. At first it may seem pathetic that you have to arrange this kind of thing, but it’ll give you both something to look forward to – a constant, which will be hard to come by these days.

7. Learn the Language – aka ‘Speak like a Lawyer’

Buy a copy of Merriam Webster’s Dictionary of Law. Each day, commit to memory one legal term. When your beleaguered spouse sloughs through the door at night, ask if she’d like her dinner in facie curiae or by herself. She’ll think it’s funny.


8 Show Some Interest – aka ‘Get Oriented’

Most law schools offer an orientation session for family members.

Frankly so do Gambling Anonymous, but we’re not sure if this is the way towards building a great relationship.  Besides, if you’re beyond law school, what orientation sessions then?  The boardroom drinks?

Bonus Tip: We’re Always Fighting

Yes, I know there are some loud mouth lawyer types out there who like to make themselves known. These are the ones that make all lawyers seem unbearably obnoxious. I promise we’re not all like that.

Thought Catalog

9. The Care Package – aka “Sucking up”

Suggested items include: 1 lb. gourmet coffee, 2 movie tickets, 1 Cross Morph pen,1 Power BarListerine breath strips, 1 good-smelling candle, and 1 CD of Chopin’s Nocturnes. Instructions: Arrange items in box, write sweet note, leave on desk


10. Speak Up – aka “Ask leading questions”

When you feel neglected – and you will -take a deep breath and give the neglecter a break. But if it gets serious, voice your concern.

11. Join the Team – aka “Empathetic understanding”

Any relationship is based on good communication, right?  So when you’re neglected, tell’em.  Straight.

Lawyer or not, straight talking and honesty will always win the day.  You’re not in Court when you’re in the kitchen or the bedroom.  You’re in a relationship, so drop the jury-selection tactics and get on with the main event

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